Remembering my Gay Boyfriend

My little beach house is kind of magical, in that I can get away from the rat race and think about stuff I haven’t thought of in a very long while. It’s partly due to the fact that my beach house is my dumping house, where everything to be sorted goes to live until I… Continue reading Remembering my Gay Boyfriend

When It’s Foggy, Go Thrifting

(re-run) I’m in Monterey County, which is known for its June Gloom. I woke up to fog and had no desire to pull weeds in the dampness. Since there was no Zoom Zumba this morning, I seized the day, deciding before breakfast to go thrifting in Carmel. I hadn’t been there for a few months.… Continue reading When It’s Foggy, Go Thrifting

Creative People Make Messes

(re-run) If you’re an orderly person like Monk on the TV show of the same name, this column is not for you. You crave things in place, all the time. Otherwise, you get agitated. The other side of the coin is the person who is so busy creating that he/she doesn’t notice the mess. When… Continue reading Creative People Make Messes

Why Seniors Shouldn’t Multi Task

(re-run) I’ve been multi-tasking my whole life. Until today. No more. This is why. I spent the last two days working with my handy woman/gardener/housecleaner at my beach house. We cleaned and organized the garage, donated furniture and stuff with her truck and moved rocks around in the front yard.  She left this morning, and… Continue reading Why Seniors Shouldn’t Multi Task

Daisy Gets a Rap Sheet

(re-run) Jack Russell Terriers get a bad rap for being hyper, alpha, and prey driven. Sometimes the reputation is earned. The last two weeks have been anything but easy. Two friends and a neighbor died. I hosted a party, lost a crown, had a $1300 dentist bill, took one dog to the vet for chewing… Continue reading Daisy Gets a Rap Sheet

Memorizing Chorus Song Lyrics

My community chorus is singing 14 songs for Christmas. Five of them are repeats from last year, so that leaves nine new ones for me to learn and a new part on two songs, so 11. Memorizing the notes and timing is easy. Just listen to the songs on a loop while running errands. As… Continue reading Memorizing Chorus Song Lyrics

Sorry About That

(re-run) Aileen, in her early 50s, had a date that neither she, nor the guy, will ever forget. They met online. He suggested a hike out to the Black Diamond Mines in Antioch. She agreed, although she wasn’t much of a hiker. During the hike and while climbing in and out of the mine tunnels,… Continue reading Sorry About That

The Six Stages of Thanksgiving

(re-run) I’m having Thanksgiving at my house today for nine or ten people. I say that because my brother-in-law may or may not show up. There is lots of football to be missed if he comes ninety minutes north to my house.  It will be me, my three kids, my two sisters, my niece and… Continue reading The Six Stages of Thanksgiving

The Scars of our Lives

(re-run) When you get to be my age, you’re bound to have a few scars. I haven’t had any big surgeries, but I have scars from burns, bumps, and scrapes along the way.  Right now it’s my thumb that is most noticeable. I broke it by pulling down a three-piece sectional garage door an sticking… Continue reading The Scars of our Lives

Memories Light the Corners of my Mind

(re-run) I used to be good at remembering people’s names and remembering to use coupons before they expired. Now I am lucky if I can find the coupon when I am at the store.   Today, at CVS, I checked out and was given a long receipt with $6.00 of extra bucks on it. My… Continue reading Memories Light the Corners of my Mind