Butt Dials and Other My-Bads

(re-run) I had lunch with my son yesterday. We tried to figure out why I’d used up all my storage on my cell phone. He took a look, handed back my phone, and watched me put it in my pocket. “You need to hit the button on the side and turn off your screen,” he… Continue reading Butt Dials and Other My-Bads

DUI Date

(re-run) Lesley was a college freshman at UOP in Stockton when a big football-player-type guy asked her on a date. Lesley had already met his roommate, so she thought she was safe with Chad and said yes. Chad took Lesley to a party, but when his roommate came up to say hi to Lesley, Chad… Continue reading DUI Date

Say What in Santa Cruz

(re-run) Jennifer met Brad at San Leandro High school in the Bay Area. She wasn’t allowed to date, but she was allowed to go to junior prom with him. The next year Brad asked Jennifer to Senior Ball. It was in San Francisco, and afterward, they went to Pier 39 with everyone else in their… Continue reading Say What in Santa Cruz

Richard’s Big Moment

Richard was always online, looking for the perfect date.  He liked the way Jane looked, a blue-eyed blonde with curves in just the right places. Since she lived on the peninsula and he lived in the East Bay, they met for dinner in Marin County at Alice’s Restaurant. During dinner conversation, they discovered that they… Continue reading Richard’s Big Moment

How to Get your Dog to Come to You

(re-run) On a hike the other day, there were four small dogs with fifteen or more people. One person was saying how hard it was to get his one-year-old dog to come to him. I remembered back to one of the many dog training sessions I’ve attended in my life – training Tess, the spaniel/heeler,… Continue reading How to Get your Dog to Come to You

Car Shows, Men, and Elvis

(re-run) It’s funny how memories of one thing lead to memories of other things happening in the same time period. Like the Twin Towers falling, or JFK getting assassinated. Or Elvis dying. Today is the anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death (August 16th). Forty-five years ago, I was stepping off an airplane from Spain (by way… Continue reading Car Shows, Men, and Elvis

The Dancing Tribe

(re-run from October 2021)) Different town. Different band. Same faces. We are the tribe of dancers, mostly in our fifties, sixties, and seventies, following rock and roll music wherever it goes.  We might not know each other’s names, but we smile and wave. It’s been two years since some of us have seen each other.… Continue reading The Dancing Tribe

Chuck’s Drive-in Movie Date

(re-run) During his senior year in high school, Chuck drove his powder blue Bonneville Pontiac to pick up his new girlfriend for their drive-in movie date.  He had tricked out the interior of the car with his two taxidermy quail on a bed of shag carpeting in the car’s back window. When he drove his… Continue reading Chuck’s Drive-in Movie Date

Proper English or Arbitrary Pretentiousness?

Full disclaimer, I have a masters degree in English. That, in itself, won’t get me a chicken dinner or even a pat on the back. What it does get me is anxiety over the state of the English language in the USA. All one has to do is to scroll the internet to find mistakes… Continue reading Proper English or Arbitrary Pretentiousness?