Tails, You Lose, Heads, I Win

He was working in Pittsburg, auditing Gulf Oil for Price Waterhouse. One of his married buddies approached the crowd at the water cooler and asked his buddy, John, if he wanted a blind date with his wife’s friend from dental school. “Wait,” Arthur said. “You already have a girlfriend, John! How about me? Why can’t… Continue reading Tails, You Lose, Heads, I Win

An Ode to the West Coast

Earthquakes, fires, and mudslides aside, California is an awesome state. You’ve lived at both ends, and it is like leaving one country and entering another. San Diego is warm, sunny, and filled with swaying palm trees. You were only there for 18 months, long enough to visit every beach and experience every tourist attraction. You… Continue reading An Ode to the West Coast

Rocky Mountain Low

He was the good-looking cousin of my best friend. Tall, tan, and bearded, with a killer smile, it was love at first sight. Marcus had moved from Minnesota to Colorado to be near his sister. He asked if I wanted to come out and go backpacking with him. I said yes but that my girlfriend… Continue reading Rocky Mountain Low

Sully, A Famous Face

Living in Northern California, I don’t run into celebrities too often. Once I met J. K. Rowling, the Harry Potter author, when she was touring the U.S. to promote her third book. Otherwise, I’d heard that Carlos Santana came to visit his restaurant, Maria Maria, every now and then, and that some famous ball players… Continue reading Sully, A Famous Face

What the Fluff? Rescue Dog Anniversary

I brought Daisy home the day after Christmas, just one month ago. She was shy at the rescue place, but my bigger dog, Pepper, liked her right off the bat. Pepper and Daisy hit it off and didn’t growl at each other. Yeah. They saved that for the drive home. Pepper didn’t like the strange… Continue reading What the Fluff? Rescue Dog Anniversary

Computer Dating, 60’s Style

The idea for computer dating has been around as long as computers for personal use. Carolyn should know! In 1965 (yes in the Dark Ages) she had her first and last computer match! In those days one filled out a computer punch card, the data was computed, and the results took a day or so.… Continue reading Computer Dating, 60’s Style

Three Strikes, You’re Out

He didn’t seem her type — he was a few pounds overweight, but not bad looking and wearing a nice suit in his online photo. He was an architect. He pursued her with photo-likes over a few weeks and text messages, too. Kate agreed to a phone chat. At least he seems intelligent. He was… Continue reading Three Strikes, You’re Out

One Flood, Two Fishermen

Kristy and I met at Iowa State University. We had been around the world together, at least to Venezuela where we did our student teaching, plus Ecuador, Peru and Colombia. Then we were roommates in the middle of nowhere, Nebraska. As the story goes, I applied for the third grade teaching job, the principal interviewed… Continue reading One Flood, Two Fishermen

A Double Double

They met online. Veronica liked his blue eyes, just like her late husband’s. He liked her lean frame and told her so. She enjoyed the morning email exchanges for a couple of weeks. He harassed her for eating at Chick-fil-A since the business had just come out as anti-gay. She was a Southern girl and… Continue reading A Double Double