Hold the Crunch

(re-run) Jim’s job was to put the crunch in Jif, the new peanut butter to rival Skippy. One machine chopped the peanuts into slivers, and another machine used pistons to plug the slivers into the creamy product. Jim also had to taste-test peanut butter that had been sitting on a shelf for three months in… Continue reading Hold the Crunch

Things That Go Flash in the Night

I was so tired from all the yardwork that I didn’t sleep well. I had tried to heat up the cold beach house, first by opening the windows and letting in the warmer air, and then in the evening, by turning on the heat. The thermostat wasn’t working and indicated I needed to replace the… Continue reading Things That Go Flash in the Night

Weed Whacker Workout

I’ve never owned or used a Weed Whacker. I’m an Iowa girl who pulls weeds by hand so they don’t come back. But this year is the exception.  With record rainfall, the weeds are on steroids this spring. See photo. I ordered an electric weed whacker from my local hardware store since I didn’t want… Continue reading Weed Whacker Workout

So Forgetful

It has happened. I’ve reached the age where I can’t remember anything. Last night I left chorus at 9:15 and hurried home with my green chorus bag. I sat in my chair and watched the news, thinking about going to bed, when I received a text. A friend in the all-women’s small group that had… Continue reading So Forgetful

The Ceiling Post

Today, as I lay on the examination table at physical therapy, I looked up at the ceiling while the PT dude manipulated my elbow and stretched it this way and that. When he left and sent a much younger dude over to put ultrasound on my elbow, I tried to chat him up.  The young… Continue reading The Ceiling Post

Butt Dials and Other My-Bads

(re-run) I had lunch with my son yesterday. We tried to figure out why I’d used up all my storage on my cell phone. He took a look, handed back my phone, and watched me put it in my pocket. “You need to hit the button on the side and turn off your screen,” he… Continue reading Butt Dials and Other My-Bads

Staying Fit without a Fitbit

(re-run) Today the ladies were discussing, before and after Zumba class on Zoom, how many steps we take during one class and how many calories we burn. This went on for a while, and I signed off. I don’t need a gadget to tell me if I am getting enough exercise. I have dogs. They… Continue reading Staying Fit without a Fitbit

He Ain’t Heavy, He’s my Match Date

(re-run) Ingrid had been on an online-dating website for a little over a month. She had tried meeting a few guys but only if they were willing to email back and forth and actually pick up a phone and call. Fred had flirted and called, and now it was time for them to meet. He… Continue reading He Ain’t Heavy, He’s my Match Date

Hat Trick

(re-run) I have too many hats. Most of them were store inventory since I had a brick and mortar costume business for kids – for field trips, book reports, etc. I sold on Etsy for five years until they became a corporate company with plans to streamline the buyer’s experience. Just click a button and… Continue reading Hat Trick

The Dog That Everyone Wanted

In honor of 4/20, a day late (re-run) Scott heard from his college buddy, Joe, that someone was giving away a four-month-old puppy that had cost them $300, a mix of Jack Russell terrier and something bigger.  The family felt bad that they were gone all day, and the puppy was crated every day for… Continue reading The Dog That Everyone Wanted