Lovely Rita, Meter Maid

(re-run) Yesterday I spent most of the day in overly-metered Walnut Creek.  The town of walnut orchards has turned into a buzzing destination for shoppers.  It boasts a Nordstrom’s, Neiman Marcus (Needless Mark-up), Tiffany, Apple, Macy’s, Gap, Coach, Tesla, Pottery Barn, and every high-end store and chain store one can think of. People come from… Continue reading Lovely Rita, Meter Maid

Fleet Week and the Ten Million Dollar Lot

(re-run) When I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, no one explained what Fleet Week was. But after many years, I finally figured it out — big ships, military stuff, the Blue Angels. The Blue Angels are six military jets that fly in formation by some amazing pilots. They fly over the city of… Continue reading Fleet Week and the Ten Million Dollar Lot

The Tree Trimming Post

The beach town where I have an almost -100-year-old house has Draconian tree removal laws. In other words, you can’t. You can trim your tree up to 25%, but good luck trying to remove it. I found this out the hard way when I applied for a tree removal permit ($181.00) and was denied. A… Continue reading The Tree Trimming Post

Not your Normal Fishing Trip

(re-run) Really, folks, you can’t make this stuff up.  My fisherman friend, we’ll call him Pete, took a buddy and his boat and spent a day on the Delta, where the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers meet Suisun Bay, which flows into San Francisco Bay and then the Pacific Ocean via San Pablo Bay. After… Continue reading Not your Normal Fishing Trip

The Sprinkler Man and the Glass Coffee Table

When my two oldest children were 5 and 2, we moved from one house in town to another. We didn’t gain any square footage, but the new house had a huge yard, front and back, and forty trees in a better neighborhood. The house had been vacant for months. The sprinklers weren’t working in the… Continue reading The Sprinkler Man and the Glass Coffee Table

It’s a Small World

(re-run) Today was a meet-up hike, my third time with Remi as our fearless leader. It was sunny with little to no mud (no rain) and lots of cows.  About twenty of us, plus four small dogs, walked five miles in two and a half hours. The great part is that the meet-up hikers go… Continue reading It’s a Small World

My Bad, It’s Just a Brain Fart

(re-run) I ventured out this morning to get Sis’s prescriptions and some Zyrtec for allergies. Today is the first day that everyone in my county is required to wear some type of a face mask when out and about at the grocery store, etc..  I have one left over from the fires of 2018. The… Continue reading My Bad, It’s Just a Brain Fart

The Dog That Everyone Wanted

(re-run) Scott heard from Joe, a college buddy, that someone was giving away a four-month-old puppy that had cost them $300, a mix of Jack Russell terrier and something bigger.  The family felt bad that they were gone all day, and the puppy was crated every day for hours. Scott thought about the puppy as… Continue reading The Dog That Everyone Wanted

Tunes, a Car, and 120 Miles To Go

I visit my little beach house a couple times a a month. Mostly it’s so my potted plants don’t croak (thanks, Mr. Gopher), especially during this very dry winter, but it’s also a change of scenery and a chance to blow the cobwebs out of my head . . . . . . while driving… Continue reading Tunes, a Car, and 120 Miles To Go