Why So Many First Worsts

In scrounging around for a first-worst-date story this week (after all, I’ve already done my own dates from Ames, Omaha, and Walnut Creek – how many first-worsts can one person have?), I discovered something. I hate some of my friends, the ones who’ve never had a bad date, ever. First there is Jim, whom I… Continue reading Why So Many First Worsts

Worst “On Her Way to a Date”

She wanted to surprise him. They had both left Hawaii at different times to go home for Christmas and would meet up that night when he picked her up from the airport. He liked lingerie. She had bought a new thong for the holidays, red on one side, green on the other, with two tiny… Continue reading Worst “On Her Way to a Date”

Ruthie Ann’s Designing Man

Ruthie Ann worked as a graphic designer in Durango, Colorado. She met an architect named Edmond through her position on the design review board. He was twenty years older but distinguished looking with his gray hair and eyes. She liked the themed design work he’d done around the Durango train station. Edmond asked Ruthie Ann… Continue reading Ruthie Ann’s Designing Man

He Ain’t Heavy, He’s my Match Date

Ingrid had been on the online website for a little over a month. She had tried meeting a few guys but only if they were willing to email back and forth and actually pick up a phone and call. Fred had flirted and called, and now it was time for them to meet. He was… Continue reading He Ain’t Heavy, He’s my Match Date

Dating James Taylor’s Doppelganger

My first date with a tall, thin but attractive man, who was a few years older, was because he reminded me of James Taylor. Kevin took me to the standard dinner and a movie and then wanted to show me his house. It was a summer night, and after the obligatory tour, we sat on… Continue reading Dating James Taylor’s Doppelganger