Four Nights of Dancing in Five

“Where does it hurt?” the masseur asked when I showed up for my twice-a-month chiropractic massage. “Everywhere,” I said. “I’ve danced four nights out of the last five.” “That sounds like a teenager!” he said. As I lay there and he pushed on every part of me — hips, arms, shoulders, legs, feet, I thought, I… Continue reading Four Nights of Dancing in Five

Fix Your Past Mistakes, or Get a Million Dollars?

(re-run) A recent Facebook post asked if you’d rather go back in time and fix all of your mistakes or don’t do that and get $1,000,000 instead. That’s easy. People will take the money. What if the choice were, go back in time and fix all your mistakes or don’t (no money)?  I’d say no… Continue reading Fix Your Past Mistakes, or Get a Million Dollars?

Peace Corps Fail

(re-run) It was in the spring of my first year of teaching when the call came. I was at Greenwood Elementary in Greenwood, Nebraska. I had applied to the Peace Corps the year before. They had just seen my application. They wanted to fly me to Chicago for an interview that weekend. They gave me… Continue reading Peace Corps Fail

Where’s the Beef?

(re-run) My sister fell out of her recliner at her nursing home (board and care home, actually) and landed on her face and glasses. The glasses were badly bent, so I needed to go to Costco on the DAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING to see if they would bend them back into shape with their magical optical… Continue reading Where’s the Beef?

Daisy’s Night Run, a Skunk, and an Anniversary

With hot, hot weather in the Bay Area, it seemed like a good time to run down to the beach, plus the handy woman was available to come at the same time with her daughter. We had trees to plant, foxtails to pull, and a flat roof filled with pine needles to clean. The dogs… Continue reading Daisy’s Night Run, a Skunk, and an Anniversary

Why Do We Hide Mental Issues in America?

(re-run) It has come to my attention that if a person tells you that he has Asperger’s* and you tell another person that the guy has Asperger’s, that is a bad thing. We all know that If the guy had a broken leg or a bad heart, and you tell others of those things, it’s… Continue reading Why Do We Hide Mental Issues in America?

Why I Love Saturday Mornings

(re-run) When I was a kid, cartoons made Saturday mornings great. We sat around in our pajamas and ate cereal in front of the TV. There was never time any other day of the week. Now that I’m grown and also retired, I still love Saturday mornings.  I don’t have to Zumba, I don’t have… Continue reading Why I Love Saturday Mornings

Get Some Facetime

(re-run) As I stepped into the waiting room of my chiropractor’s office, three women and one guy were looking down at their cell phones, sitting in a symmetrical pattern amongst the u-shaped chairs. Feeling giddy from my fifty-five minute massage I said,” Well, this looks like a blog post to me! You’re all on your… Continue reading Get Some Facetime