When a House Feels Like a Home

It’s been ten years since I moved into my little house. It has changed so much, and that’s a good thing. I liked the location but not the house. It was vacant. I saw it three Sundays in a row. The third time I looked at it, I decided I could live there. It was… Continue reading When a House Feels Like a Home

Sneaking into the Pool

(re-run) While student teaching in Venezuela, we learned how to have fun with not much money. One of the American teachers had stolen a couple of striped beach towels from an upscale hotel (Tamanaco Internacional) and she had been sneaking into the hotel pool for years. “Just carry the towel and act like you belong,”… Continue reading Sneaking into the Pool

Living with OCD

I always knew I was different in the way I perceived the world.  Instead of needing to do classic hand washing or constantly worrying about germs, I had other weird rituals, like never leaving the house without a Kleenex and needing to have a regular routine. I married a last-minute, no plan, fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants kind of… Continue reading Living with OCD

Amazon Driver Loses It

I get my best writing ideas in the car. I was thinking about the Castro Valley resident who was attacked by her Amazon driver this week. Apparently, the older woman received an email that her package had arrived, but when she went to the lobby where the mailboxes were, there was no package. She saw… Continue reading Amazon Driver Loses It

Massage Talk, Otter Card, and Scavenger Find

(re-run) Every other Tuesday I treat myself to a full-hour massage at my chiropractor’s office. Curtis is awesome. He can make this senior citizen feel almost 50 again. Curtis asks lots of questions while he is working on me. For the past several months I haven’t been able to talk, have barely been able to… Continue reading Massage Talk, Otter Card, and Scavenger Find

When It’s Foggy, Go Thrifting

I am in Monterey County today, which is known for its June Gloom. I woke up to fog and had no desire to pull weeds in the dampness. Since there was no Zoom Zumba this morning, I seized the day, deciding before breakfast to go thrifting in Carmel. I hadn’t been there for a few… Continue reading When It’s Foggy, Go Thrifting

No More Renters

I own a very old house in Monterey County, where everybody wants to go on vacation. For ten years I rented it out to friends, way under market value, although the price has been creeping up these last few years. During the pandemic, I rented it one time, and my mom, sis, and brother-in-law spent… Continue reading No More Renters