Apple Tree

(re-run) When I bought the house, I inherited the apple tree. I didn’t realize how prolific it was until one day, after the gardeners left, I noticed a line of fat apples sitting on my side fence. One of the gardeners had picked them with the intention of taking them home, but he must’ve forgotten.… Continue reading Apple Tree

Pepper Might’ve Saved my Life Today

When I got back from the beach walk where I froze as Pepper smelled every bush and tree along the way, I went inside, put a pot of water on to heat, gave each dog a treat and took Daisy outside to play ball in the front yard. After I’d thrown the first ball, I… Continue reading Pepper Might’ve Saved my Life Today

Frostbite Memories

Today the sun was shining, the ocean was royal blue and the wind was bitter cold. I had the dog on a choke chain since I couldn’t squeeze the prong collar back together (I’d taken it apart in the wrong place).  I headed down my street past a tree- trimmer truck that has just pulled… Continue reading Frostbite Memories

Snowshoeing with the Girls

(re-run) The last time I was in Tahoe in the winter, Valentina, Margo and I went snowshoeing. The guys went skiing, but we girls weren’t up for that. Maybe it was the house party the night before, or maybe it was a fear of snowboarders taking us out as we meandered down the slopes. Full… Continue reading Snowshoeing with the Girls

Cleaning for Company and a Bleach Bottle

Thanksgiving Day is fast approaching. I still had to clean the sewing room for my daughter, who is coming for a short visit from the East Coast. I also emptied out my office so that I could get a twin mattress in there when all three of my kids, plus one husband, are here for… Continue reading Cleaning for Company and a Bleach Bottle

A Tale of Two Trees

(re-run) Ten years ago I moved into my cozy house next to a park. When I hear the squeaky swings I know that someone is in the greenbelt. My dogs run to the park to play ball or go for a walk. They always head right once out the front door, never left. They know… Continue reading A Tale of Two Trees

My Favorite Oak Tree

I can’t stop my neighbors from making bad decisions, like three years ago when the neighbors kitty corner and below me cut down five large pine trees and changed my back yard forever.  I lost a number of plants to the afternoon sun, plants that had established themselves in shade.  My own small pine tree… Continue reading My Favorite Oak Tree

Father’s Day Hike

(re-run) Several years ago on Father’s Day, my three kids went with to their dad’s for a bbq, and I went on a late-day hike with my (now ex) boyfriend. He’s one of those guys who doesn’t believe in rules and always thinks his way is the best way. We took a hike on the… Continue reading Father’s Day Hike

The Power of Nature

(re-run) Sun, trees, dirt, flowers — my nose is full of the smell of Eucalyptus leaves. I used to hike twice a month with my senior hiking group called DASH. Then my sis moved in with me so that I could be her care giver. My hiking days stopped except for once last summer when… Continue reading The Power of Nature