The Rescue Dog Loves a Zoom Meeting

(re-run) My crazy, neurotic, stressed-out rescue girl, Daisy, who has been a Nervous Nellie (sorry, Grandma) for the last two and half years and probably a few years before that, loves it when I Zoom. I Zoom with the chorus. I Zoom with the ski club. I Zoom with girlfriends. Whenever Daisy hears me talking… Continue reading The Rescue Dog Loves a Zoom Meeting

Memories Locked into the Brain

(re-run) They say smells trigger memories, and I am sure they do. But so do holidays, and things like pumpkin pies. Homemade pumpkin pies are brown with black dots of spices on the top, not bright orange like the ones from Costco. When my younger sister cut into her brown homemade pie, I thought of… Continue reading Memories Locked into the Brain

Sally’s Downward Dog Disaster

The first Women’s March was the next day. Sally went to her friend, Lisa’s, to make a poster for the march. Several women showed up, ready to drink some wine and to think of clever sayings for their signs. Sally already had her slogan:  No Uterus – No Opinion. Lisa’s cute little rescue dog, Yogi,… Continue reading Sally’s Downward Dog Disaster

Democrat- Yes, Socialist – No

Today it hit me that I am not a socialist because of three things from my past. They popped into my head today in a random fashion, yet somehow calling to me to do something with the idea. I am a hard worker. As a teen, I babysat until I had saved up enough money… Continue reading Democrat- Yes, Socialist – No

Getting Carded – Those Were the Days

(re-run) Thinking back to the days when we had to show our I.D. to get into a club to dance and drink, I, for a moment this morning, while in the early-bird old people line at Costco, was ready to whip out my driver’s license and prove that I am over 60. When I got… Continue reading Getting Carded – Those Were the Days

A Donner Party Winter

(re-run) Lake Tahoe has had record-breaking snowfall this year. Snow is falling so fast that the ski resorts have had to close some days because of the chance of avalanches. When was the last time Tahoe has seen twenty-five feet of snow in one month? I am not a meteorologist, but one equally snowy year… Continue reading A Donner Party Winter

Lovely Rita, Meter Maid

(re-run) Saturdays are best when they are busy.  I like to have things to do.  So yesterday was fun from morning to night.  I spent most of the day in overly-metered Walnut Creek.  The town of walnut orchards has turned into a buzzing destination for shoppers.  It boasts a Nordstroms, Neiman Marcus (Needless Mark-up), Tiffany,… Continue reading Lovely Rita, Meter Maid

Grizzly Bear!

(re-run) An Amazon robot punctured a can of Bear Mace, sending 80 employees to the hospital before Christmas. It reminded me of this true account told to me at a holiday party. In 2008 you take your wife, Liza, and your teen-aged kids to Alaska. You stay near the Princess Lodge in a fishing cabin… Continue reading Grizzly Bear!

The Darwin Awards

(re-run) The world is insane. A snowstorm is predicted for the East Coast. It’s Mother’s Day weekend. The local news station reported that scientists may take llama antibodies for Covid-19 and give them to humans to see if it would help with immunity. Does that mean the humans might start spitting when they are angry?… Continue reading The Darwin Awards

Apple Tree

(re-run) When I bought the house, I inherited the apple tree. I didn’t realize how prolific it was until one day, after the gardeners left, I noticed a line of fat apples sitting on my side fence. One of the gardeners had picked them with the intention of taking them home, but he must’ve forgotten.… Continue reading Apple Tree