Pandemic Friday

(re-run) My friends are going out. They are eating at restaurants with no masks on, and they are sitting shoulder to shoulder at the table – not all from one household! I am chicken to do that.  I watch too much news and read too many newspapers. Yes, everything we do in life is a… Continue reading Pandemic Friday

My Favorite Shirt

We all have one, that go-to shirt that we grab and put on when we want to feel comfortable.  Mine is navy blue corduroy and is almost as old as my youngest child in her mid-twenties. I probably paid $30.00 or so for it, and I’ve worn it a hundred times. It shows up in… Continue reading My Favorite Shirt

Getting Carded – Those Were the Days

(re-run) Thinking back to the days when we had to show our I.D. to get into a club to dance and drink, I, for a moment this morning, while in the early-bird old people line at Costco, was ready to whip out my driver’s license and prove that I am over 60. When I got… Continue reading Getting Carded – Those Were the Days

Hot Lipstick and a Missed Wedding

(re-run) This morning (Sunday) I ran out to get the San Francisco Chronicle, bought fruit, and then dropped off a library book, mailed a letter, and parked in front of CVS, waiting for the pharmacy to open. Why not run errands later, you ask?  Because the Chronicle sells out fairly early, so I settled in… Continue reading Hot Lipstick and a Missed Wedding

How the Global Pandemic is Better than Last Time

The Spanish flu killed a couple million people across the world in 1918-1919. We are now, a century later, mired again in a global pandemic, month number ten. But things aren’t quite as grim this time, unless of course, you are one of the science deniers who refuses to social distance, wear a mask, and… Continue reading How the Global Pandemic is Better than Last Time

My Angry Toe, a Soleful Tale

For three weeks my right pinky toe has been red, swollen and angry. I tried soaking it in Epsom salts.  I tried changing up my shoes. Finally I made an appointment with my podiatrist, actually the replacement podiatrist since mine had retired and sold his practice to a woman half my age. I’d seen her… Continue reading My Angry Toe, a Soleful Tale

A Very Covid Birthday

The other day was my son’s birthday. Even though he is a grown man, I still like to bake him a cake, take him to lunch, and give him token gifts. Everything was going well until we lit the birthday candles. Tradition, you know. It took two of us to light so many of them.… Continue reading A Very Covid Birthday

Old People Perks at Costco

I went to Costco this morning, my monthly grocery run. I got there at 8:30, and the doors were already open. The sign said Seniors over 60- only. I got my cart and headed inside. “Are you 60?” the dude at the door asked. “65!” I said, a new bounce in my step. I’d been… Continue reading Old People Perks at Costco