Virtual Tip Jar Fail

I love live music, and the pandemic has made it harder to find. Some of the local bands have gone online, putting out their virtual tip jar while they play for an hour or two. Sometimes they are sponsored by a business, sometimes they do it from their apartments. I love the Beatles, so when… Continue reading Virtual Tip Jar Fail

The Uses for a Nine Year Old

My Girl Friday (who works for me on Mondays) has a daughter, who sometimes comes along with her to work. Now that her daughter is nine, she is useful in many ways. 1. She entertains my dogs. 2. She entertains my sister, giving her someone to watch. 3. She brings music into the house, since… Continue reading The Uses for a Nine Year Old

The Blond-tourage

Every woman over fifty gets the same advice from her hairdresser — lighten up your hair. As our skin fades and our looks do, too, we need brighter lipstick, sparkly-er clothing and blonder locks to stay looking as young as we can. My apologies to women of color; this may not apply to you. So… Continue reading The Blond-tourage

Moon Over Lafayette

Trudy worked at an engineering firm. Joe was the visiting copy machine repair man, or as her office mates called him, the Xerox guy. One day Trudy had to make copies. Joe was at the machine, repairing away. “Oh,” she said. “No copies for me!” “Hey there,” Joe said. “We should catch dinner sometime.” “Okay.”… Continue reading Moon Over Lafayette

Daisy’s Night Run, a Skunk, and an Anniversary

(re-run) With hot, hot weather in the Bay Area, it seemed like a good time to run down to the beach, plus the handy woman was available to come at the same time with her daughter. We had trees to plant, foxtails to pull, and a flat roof filled with pine needles to clean. The… Continue reading Daisy’s Night Run, a Skunk, and an Anniversary

Reflections on a Retired Thursday

(RE-RUN) You’d think retired people have seven days a week to reflect on their past lives. Not so, Smokey Joe.  There was chorus, plus a COVID booster shot on Tuesday which produced a huge headache. “Take Tylenol,” my adult child who lives down the hall said. “No, you’re supposed to let the vaccine do its… Continue reading Reflections on a Retired Thursday

Dating and other Things Over Fifty

(re-run) Sherry didn’t get her first colonoscopy when she turned fifty, like she was supposed to. She put it off instead. Did she have one done at 51?   No, she did not. 52?   Nope. Finally, Sherry scheduled it to be done at 53.  She was so nervous when she went in that the nurses asked… Continue reading Dating and other Things Over Fifty

A Victoria’s Secret Box with Dinner

(re-run) Saundra met Duke online on Match.  They agreed to meet at Scott’s Seafood restaurant  in Walnut Creek for dinner.  When she got there, he was already seated and waved her over.  As she approached the table she noticed a dozen lavender roses in a vase. She remembered that Duke had asked her favorite color.… Continue reading A Victoria’s Secret Box with Dinner

The Busted Nut

A decade ago, my boyfriend (at the time) and I took a driving vacation from my mom’s place in Iowa, up to Sioux Falls, and across South Dakota to Rapid City, Mount Rushmore, and Crazy Horse.  I’d never seen the Badlands or the Black Hills. I heard the story of Mount Rushmore, USA government style,… Continue reading The Busted Nut

Maybe, Maybe Not

(re-run) Sabrina had a master’s degree and a professional job.  She went online to meet a guy with an equal education. She tried a site called Elite Singles.  She found Curtis, and they talked on the phone a few times. They decided to get together for a meet and greet. Curtis had been a teacher.… Continue reading Maybe, Maybe Not

My Three-quarter Bike Ride

(re-run) I was the one that suggested the bike ride with two of my adult children. They don’t spend much time outdoors or get enough exercise. They like to ride the Iron Horse trail. It is an easy, shady railroad right of way that connects towns up and down the I- 680 corridor in the… Continue reading My Three-quarter Bike Ride