The Day my Dog Herded Me to the ER

Way back when, I had two children and a rare free day. The kindergartener was going on an all-day field trip. The two-year-old was going to daycare for the day. I had hours ahead of me to do all the yard work and gardening that I could squeeze in.  I put on some old tennis… Continue reading The Day my Dog Herded Me to the ER

The Burden of Being a Tall Woman

By the end of 8th grade, I was 5 feet, ten inches tall. This was back in 1968.  I was a super tall girl for my generation. I know women who are 6 feet tall or taller, but except for one, they are all younger than I am. There are many advantages to being tall. … Continue reading The Burden of Being a Tall Woman

My Life in Dogs

It was a dogless childhood for me, until I was thirteen. I had asked. My sisters had asked. It wasn’t until our younger brother came home from school and said that somebody in his third-grade class was giving away a perfectly good dog and could he keep it? It happened so fast. I was at… Continue reading My Life in Dogs


(re-run) Another first date during my time in Omaha, Nebraska, was with a tall, thin but attractive man who was a few years older and reminded me of James Taylor. Kevin took me to the standard dinner and a movie and then wanted to show me his house. It was a summer night, and after… Continue reading Desperado

Antiracist (Racist?) Memory

I just picked up a book to read. It had a long preface, so I paged past it. Then there was a foreword, another preface, and then an introduction. Seriously? Chapter One didn’t start until page 25. I set that book down and picked up another one. The introduction ended on page 11, and the… Continue reading Antiracist (Racist?) Memory

Trading Up in Omaha

Alice got a teaching job in Council Bluffs, Iowa. She decided to live across the Missouri River in Omaha in an old Victorian that had been converted into apartments. A military guy from Maryland moved in upstairs. She ran into him in the hallway after a bike ride one evening when he was coming back… Continue reading Trading Up in Omaha

My Free Farm Dog

(re-run) I saw three Aussie-mix puppies today.  They are ten to twelve weeks old and gorgeous! I remember Pepper as a puppy just four years ago. I am too old to house-train another puppy.  But they were so cute! I had a Brittany spaniel/Australian Blue Heeler mix puppy way back in the day.  My future… Continue reading My Free Farm Dog

Dance with Me, Young Jeremy

(re-run) Each dance bar in Omaha ended the night with its signature song. One bar closed with Last Dance by Donna Summer, another used Shout from the Blues Brothers movie (by the Isley Brothers) as its sign-off song. But my fave dance bar closed with the song New York, New York. It seemed an odd… Continue reading Dance with Me, Young Jeremy