I Might Be a Swiftie

Saturday night I searched Netflix for something to fill a ninety-minute gap in my TV viewing.  I could have gone dancing, but the storm made it comfortable to be a couch potato instead. There was a documentary about Taylor Swift. I’ve always admired her songwriting skills. I heard lately that she has had multiple (5)… Continue reading I Might Be a Swiftie

Grabby Guy’s Goodness

(re-run) Brenda was a lonely grad student at Tufts in Boston. She was tired of dating and was thinking of getting her doctorate in nutrition after she got her Master’s degree. Brenda’s two roommates, who were also a couple, told Brenda she needed a night out to go dancing. Brenda got ready and then waited… Continue reading Grabby Guy’s Goodness

Falling, Falling, Falling

The first time it happened, one of my shoelaces was untied. I stepped on it with my other shoe, then picked up my foot in the untied shoe and fell over.  I was going over a berm along a busy street to get to  – you guessed it – a thrift store. That was a… Continue reading Falling, Falling, Falling

Ah Choo! It’s Allergy Season

(re-run) My friends post photos of themselves gallivanting through our green hills dotted with wildflowers. It’s California, we are having the driest February in 160 years, and the pollen is exploding everywhere. My nose itches by just looking at the photos of the greenery. I bought an air purifier. I dug out my Flonase. I… Continue reading Ah Choo! It’s Allergy Season

It’s the Little Things

A morning sunrise, skies streaked pink and blue.  A warm dog cuddled under the afghan throw as I read a book. A hot cup of fake mocha coffee and a Madeleine cookie.  A bunch of texts from an adult child 3000 miles away.  A photo of my smiling grandson in his high chair. The lure… Continue reading It’s the Little Things

Cut Loose on a Saturday Afternoon

(re-run) “I like the way you dance,” he said that Saturday afternoon. Margo and I had gone to Vino Godfather, a cool little winery in an old Victorian house on Mare Island in Vallejo. The island used to be a naval base, judging from the abandoned barracks on the way to the winery. A good… Continue reading Cut Loose on a Saturday Afternoon

A Good Blog Post if I Can Remember It

(re-run) My son calls Jeopardy the “old people” show. I started watching it five years ago when I took in my older sister to care for her. Now she lives in a home, and my son took her place last year. Actually, that’s not true, because she was in my daughter’s old bedroom, and he’s… Continue reading A Good Blog Post if I Can Remember It

If the Shoe Sticks, Wear It

Dancing as a Medicare senior has its challenges. Where to go? What to wear? Wear a mask?  Last night I found myself at a restaurant/bar called Wise Girl’s, where the owner had remodeled to make room for a stage and more tables. The live band, the Groove Doctors, were there, with two great female leads… Continue reading If the Shoe Sticks, Wear It