Taking a Trip

Wash the sheets!  Pick up those pieces of construction debris!  Hide a key! Do laundry! Eat! Pack some checks.  Hide the jewels! Show the neighbor girl where the tomato plants are to water.  Pack gifts for grandson and graduate.  Pills, food, hats, don’t forget the hats. Ceremony is outside. Mouthguard.  Pillow – oops, doesn’t fit.… Continue reading Taking a Trip

Sneaking into the Pool

(re-run) While student teaching in Venezuela, my roommate and partner in crime learned how to have fun with not much money. One of the American teachers had stolen a couple of striped beach towels from an upscale hotel, and she had been sneaking into the hotel pool for years. “Just carry the towel and act… Continue reading Sneaking into the Pool

The Contractor and the Jet Setter

(re-run) Tom, the contractor, set up his umpteenth date on Match.com.  The woman he matched with was from the same affluent town, was the same height as he was, and was ready to meet him at Bridges, the hot spot downtown with the best happy hour.  But when Ellen walked in, she had on three… Continue reading The Contractor and the Jet Setter

Rocky Mountain Low

(re-run) He was the good-looking cousin of my college best friend — tall, tan, and bearded. Throw in a killer smile, and he added up to gorgeous.  For me, it was love at first sight. Marcus had moved from Minnesota to Colorado to be near his sister. He asked if I wanted to come out… Continue reading Rocky Mountain Low

Love of her Life

(re-run) Connie was only fourteen when she went to her first dinner dance at the country club. Brad was two years older, already driving, and as handsome as could be. Connie had been smitten since the day they met at school. She had been at her locker. He had come by and said hello. She’d… Continue reading Love of her Life

A Scavenger’s Life

(re-run) I see value in things that others don’t see. It can be blessing and also a problem. That paper bag? Take it to my favorite thrift store. The plastic bag the newspaper comes in? A poop bag on a dog walk.  A cracked dinner plate? A water-catch for a ceramic pot. So when the… Continue reading A Scavenger’s Life

Don’t Get a Sun Burn

(re-run) You think you know someone. You’ve sat across from your brother-in-law at countless holiday meals. You raised your kids together, although far enough away that you only saw them four or five times a year. You know George loves Monterey, but you didn’t know the whole story. You knew he’d been in the military,… Continue reading Don’t Get a Sun Burn

Flat Feet

(re-run) I turned on my laptop the other day, and the ever-changing screen showed a photo of waterfalls, big wide ones somewhere in Brazil. I’ve never been to Brazil, but I have been to Venezuela, where there are seven wide falls and a resort below them called Canaima. I was student-teaching with another Iowa Stater.… Continue reading Flat Feet

Do the Hustle

(re-run) Guido met Marsha at a famous bar called Rex and Eric’s in Waikiki. He lived locally. She was on vacation. He’d put on his five gold chains, unbuttoned his billowy polyester shirt with the big collar to reveal just enough chest hair, stepped into a pair of black high-waisted pants that hugged his tight… Continue reading Do the Hustle