The Weakest Link – my Low Back

(re-run) The good thing about the current Coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown is that I have a hundred projects to finish.  Suddenly I have nothing but time to do it all. Everything was going along swimmingly yesterday. I exercised. I painted (spray-painted picture frames), I picked up dog poop. I did a heavy load of laundry.  I… Continue reading The Weakest Link – my Low Back

Prozac for Daisy Dog

So, this happened.  I walked the big dog, Pepper, yesterday. At the end of our walk, I saw a tall man I’d never seen before with a tiny dog, and the dog wasn’t on a leash. Our paths were about to cross, so I stopped and waited. “My dog’s not friendly,” I said. I didn’t… Continue reading Prozac for Daisy Dog

Help your Mood, Pull some Weeds

(re-run) Yesterday, I made the short trip to my little downtown, got some cash from the ATM, picked up two newspapers, and headed back home. On the way into town, I saw two city workers spraying Roundup on the weeds in the median strip. They were still at it, in the very same place, on… Continue reading Help your Mood, Pull some Weeds

Bomb Shelter Blues

(re-run) My childhood house on 69th Street in a suburb of Des Moines, Iowa, had a big bump in the backyard. It’s where my grandfather built a fall-out shelter that connected to our basement. It was during the Cold War, and thoughts of atomic bombs being dropped on us was enough to motivate him to… Continue reading Bomb Shelter Blues

Where’s My Fish?

(re-run) During the pandemic in 2020, it was easy running down to the beach house for a few days since nothing was going on. The freeways were deserted while everyone stayed home.  Now that life is somewhat back to normal, I have to give up fun things to make room for a beachy weekend. I… Continue reading Where’s My Fish?

Head in the Clouds Harry

(re-run) Margo met Harry at the Appalachian Mountain Club, a sport-lovers organization in Boston. He was athletic looking with a nice smile. He asked her to go on a short hike with him in New Hampshire. She agreed to drive separately and meet him at the trailhead since she had a dinner to attend that… Continue reading Head in the Clouds Harry

Blind Date in a Castle

(re-run) Lynne was studying abroad at a university in Sweden. One of her friends convinced her plus another young woman to be blind dates. The friend’s boyfriend’s military school was hosting a fancy dinner and ball at a castle in Stockholm. The Swedish school was inviting guys from Denmark and Norway for the event, and… Continue reading Blind Date in a Castle

Trapped Inside

(re-run) As the roses explode in red, peach and orange colors across my two yards, I am stuck inside.  Through the window, I see mounds of yellow blossoms on the Jerusalem sage plants, both front and back, red and white petals on the Hot Lips sage, purple tips on the English lavender, and every other… Continue reading Trapped Inside

The Absurdity of It All

The world is spinning out of control. Ukraine is being destroyed with missiles and bombs by Putin. 2. Senator Ted Cruz asked a federal judge to rate picture books as to whether or not they are racist. 3. Angry local vandals are slapping Fuck Biden bumper stickers on the Priuses of liberal-leaning senior citizens (me).… Continue reading The Absurdity of It All

Nature’s Prayer Moment

(re-run) Yesterday morning, I stepped up to the kitchen sink to fill the tea pot and looked out my window at the flowers exploding in my yard. I glanced over to the fountain where I saw dozens of identical birds taking drinks in a clumped up circle around the top of my round fountain. Their… Continue reading Nature’s Prayer Moment