A Good Dog Neighbor

Yesterday my son and I had lunch together at the local sandwich shop. He brought his little dog, half Chihuahua, half terrier. I fed Violet scraps of lettuce under the table while we ate. She thinks she’s a vegetarian. Afterward, we followed the usual routine and came back to my house, where Violet could run…… Continue reading A Good Dog Neighbor

Crazy Daisy

Now in my second month with the crazy rescue dog (she has lots of issues), I realized that my other dog acts worse when on a walk with the rescue girl. It didn’t dawn on me until one day my right hand wouldn’t grip anything. I had sprained it while walking the two dogs together.…… Continue reading Crazy Daisy

What the Fluff? Rescue Dog Anniversary

I brought Daisy home the day after Christmas, just one month ago. She was shy at the rescue place, but my bigger dog, Pepper, liked her right off the bat. Pepper and Daisy hit it off and didn’t growl at each other. Yeah. They saved that for the drive home. Pepper didn’t like the strange…… Continue reading What the Fluff? Rescue Dog Anniversary

The Nuts in My Batter

I have judge-y friends. Two years ago: “Why’d you go and get a puppy?” Last year: “Why don’t you ever travel? I’d die if I didn’t get to travel.” Last month: “Why did you get another dog? As though you don’t have enough to do!” Last week: “Why did you take your sister? You have…… Continue reading The Nuts in My Batter

What Happened to Daisy?

Eighteen days ago, I got a rescue dog. I’d wanted to get another dog ever since I gave away Pepper’s buddy last summer to make room for my sister. No, the dog I gave away did not go to the pound. He is sixteen, incontinent, and blind. I gave him to my ex, where he…… Continue reading What Happened to Daisy?

Naming the Rescue Dog

The day after Christmas I bought myself a belated gift. I got an adult dog to be a buddy to my exuberant two year old dog. I’d been to the Martinez animal services shelter the week before, since they had so many dogs (140) and were giving them away. It was cold and damp at…… Continue reading Naming the Rescue Dog