Am I an Outlier or a Weirdo?

I don’t go to Starbucks. I don’t have an iphone, not sure how to spell it. I don’t have an Amazon Prime account. I don’t shop at Whole Foods. I won’t shop at Walmart. I recycle everything, even dig through the garbage looking for things my roommate adult child chose not to recycle. I love… Continue reading Am I an Outlier or a Weirdo?

Return to the Scene of the Crime

(re-run) Two weeks ago, I tried to burn my house down.  I came home in time to turn off the burner under the hard-boiled eggs. Eight of them had become missiles and hung in pieces from every surface in the kitchen. Four of them turned black in the Teflon pan. When I put the key… Continue reading Return to the Scene of the Crime

Marriage Advice from a Divorced Person

(re-run) Facebook gives me many ideas for blog posts. I went thrifting this morning in my little beach town and was going to brag about how I went to four thrift stores, bought four bags of stuff and only spent $7.50 plus $4.28 plus $6.53 plus $19.99. It was a stellar day for useful household… Continue reading Marriage Advice from a Divorced Person

Why Seniors Shouldn’t Multi Task

(re-run) I’ve been multi-tasking my whole life. Until today. No more. And this is why. I spent the last two days working with my handy woman/gardener/housecleaner at my beach house. We cleaned and organized the garage, donated furniture and stuff with her truck and moved rocks around in the front yard.  She left this morning,… Continue reading Why Seniors Shouldn’t Multi Task

The Absurdity of It All

The world is spinning out of control. Ukraine is being destroyed with missiles and bombs by Putin. 2. Senator Ted Cruz asked a federal judge to rate picture books as to whether or not they are racist. 3. Angry local vandals are slapping Fuck Biden bumper stickers on the Priuses of liberal-leaning senior citizens (me).… Continue reading The Absurdity of It All

Tunes, a Car, and 120 Miles To Go

I visit my little beach house a couple times a a month. Mostly it’s so my potted plants don’t croak (thanks, Mr. Gopher), especially during this very dry winter, but it’s also a change of scenery and a chance to blow the cobwebs out of my head . . . . . . while driving… Continue reading Tunes, a Car, and 120 Miles To Go

When It’s Foggy, Go Thrifting

(re-run) I am in Monterey County, which is known for its June Gloom. I woke up to fog and had no desire to pull weeds in the dampness. Since there was no Zoom Zumba this morning, I seized the day, deciding before breakfast to go thrifting in Carmel. I hadn’t been there for a few… Continue reading When It’s Foggy, Go Thrifting