Getting Away from all the No, No, No’s

(re-run) My mom, bless her heart, had to keep five children in line, mostly by herself.  She did this by keeping everyone in his or her place, as in, “No, you can’t do that!” I just found out that my younger sister also wanted to play clarinet in the band, like I did. But I… Continue reading Getting Away from all the No, No, No’s

S is for Scrolling (Surfing)

(re-run) It used to be when I had a few minutes of free time, I’d try to get something done, like work on  a story, clean a drawer, or do some squats. Oh, I could’ve written about squats since it starts with an S. But what can you say? Bend down, butt out. Stand up,… Continue reading S is for Scrolling (Surfing)

Kuma, the Teddy-bear Akita

Her husband had two Akitas.  Beth wanted to get one for their six-year-old son.  She got Lee a puppy and named him Kuma, which is Japanese for Bear. The two older dogs kept attacking the puppy.  The marriage wasn’t going well, either. Beth and her son moved out and got their own place.  Kuma came… Continue reading Kuma, the Teddy-bear Akita

Ungrateful Daisy Dog

(re-run) I was sick today, and my plans to walk the dogs with my girlfriend were dashed. To my surprise, she offered to walk them for me. “You can’t walk them together,” I said. “It’s too hard.” “That’s okay. I’ll come walk each of them separately.” “Okay . .. ?” I had the pinch collar… Continue reading Ungrateful Daisy Dog

Be Careful Who You Hike With

First of all, the title should be Be Careful with Whom You Hike, but I figured only English teachers would read the post if I did it that way. An old bf asked me to go on a hike with him. I said yes a little too quickly. Looking back, Bob (not his real name)… Continue reading Be Careful Who You Hike With

Morning During a Heat Wave

The temps will soar to 105 degrees in my town today. Yesterday was 102. Tomorrow will be 100.  I woke up in an air-conditioned house at 6:30 a.m.  No open windows. I opened one to see what was what. Cool air streamed inside. The thermostat was set at 72, and AC wasn’t running, so outside… Continue reading Morning During a Heat Wave

The Weird World We Live In

(re-run) I read the paper each day and watch the news most nights to stay informed. It’s amazing how many people don’t have a clue about what’s going on around them. Like the local nineteen year old woman who bit a female jogger on her arm because the jogger pepper-sprayed her loose dogs. In a… Continue reading The Weird World We Live In