The Ceiling Post

Today, as I lay on the examination table at physical therapy, I looked up at the ceiling while the PT dude manipulated my elbow and stretched it this way and that. When he left and sent a much younger dude over to put ultrasound on my elbow, I tried to chat him up.  The young… Continue reading The Ceiling Post

Live Music in a Virtual World

Last weekend I watched five livestream music events on my laptop. I was out of town but didn’t feel too lonely until the last livestream guy looked right into the camera and sang Blackbird (Beatles) to me.  I had requested it in the chat feed. “This one is for you, Susan.” The next thing I… Continue reading Live Music in a Virtual World

Same Old Grind

Advanced bruxism – that’s what it’s called when you clench and grind your teeth in your sleep. I didn’t know I had it until my dentist noticed my worn lower teeth at a check-up. She made me a mouth guard to save them. I know when it all started. It was in the big house… Continue reading Same Old Grind