The Dog That Everyone Wanted

(re-run) Scott heard from Joe, a college buddy, that someone was giving away a four-month-old puppy that had cost them $300, a mix of Jack Russell terrier and something bigger.  The family felt bad that they were gone all day, and the puppy was crated every day for hours. Scott thought about the puppy as… Continue reading The Dog That Everyone Wanted

Daisy vs. Squirrel – Guess Who Won

(re-run) The squirrel was attracted to the three bird feeders. It would jump down from the neighbor’s Valley Oak tree, run down the fence, across ten feet of mulch, then run up the plastic rain barrel to climb up the gutter or hang onto the stucco. This is when the dogs would see it as… Continue reading Daisy vs. Squirrel – Guess Who Won

Estate Sale, Free for One Hour

(re-run) A friend in our 100+ member singles’ ski club sent an email last night.  “I am the lawyer for an estate in Walnut Creek. House must be cleared out. Everything free for one hour tomorrow – 12:30 to 1:30.” I saw the email and responded, “I am looking for tea cups!” The next day… Continue reading Estate Sale, Free for One Hour

Mountain Lion

Another mountain lion attack was reported on the news last night. A 24-year-old woman’s dog saved her life in Trinity Forest in Northern California. The mountain lion attacked the woman first, but her Belgian Malinois shepherd named Eva jumped in and is now in serious condition. Cub season is now until October. The lion was… Continue reading Mountain Lion

Chorus Concerts a Super-spreader Weekend

I’m in a chorus with 94 people. We performed Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday afternoon. We all had to show a negative antigen test from Friday morning.  We thought we were golden. We took off our masks. I’ve been wearing a mask to every rehearsal for four months. But it’s hotter to sing with… Continue reading Chorus Concerts a Super-spreader Weekend

The Weird World We Live In

(re-run) To stay informed, I read the paper each day and watch the news most nights. It’s amazing how many people don’t have a clue about what’s going on around them. Like the local nineteen year old woman who bit a female jogger on her arm because the jogger pepper-sprayed her loose dogs. In a… Continue reading The Weird World We Live In

My Three-quarter Bike Ride

(re-run) I was the one that suggested the bike ride.  My adult children don’t spend enough time outdoors or get enough exercise, but they do like to ride the Iron Horse trail, an easy, shady railroad right of way that connects towns up and down the I- 680 corridor. I knew I had them when… Continue reading My Three-quarter Bike Ride

My Inherited Dog, Boomer

(re-run) Boomer was never my dog, although he came into my care when I married his owner.  I’m not sure how old he was when I met him. My dog, Tess, was two and Boomer was older. A small, part Beagle-part terrier, Boomer had not had a regular dog’s life. He had never eaten dog… Continue reading My Inherited Dog, Boomer