Pennies from Heaven

When I was sixteen, I saved up my babysitting money and went downtown to Cottage Grove Avenue in Des Moines, where there was a head shop filled with incense, hanging beads, roach clips, and tie dye. Although I wasn’t a pothead, I enjoyed the ambience of the place and the way my hair smelled when… Continue reading Pennies from Heaven

Five Minutes in Philly

She was tall and blond. He was taller and had reddish hair. They were both at Rite Aid in Valley Forge. Matthew had come in for his hair gel, LA Look. He needed the gel to maintain the spike in his hairstyle. He saw her in the hair care aisle. “I have trouble finding hair… Continue reading Five Minutes in Philly

Worst Thanksgiving Eve Ever

I had to go to the doctor’s office the day before Thanksgiving. My finger was infected. I was lucky to get an appointment. I had eleven people coming for dinner the next day. I had no sitter and no luck of getting one, and no local relatives, so I loaded the three kids in the… Continue reading Worst Thanksgiving Eve Ever