Lime Vodka, Raisinets, and Cheesecake

It’s an American teenager’s rite of passage to get sick the first time they drink.  I was no exception. Aside from tasting different liqueurs on babysitting jobs after the kids went to bed, I had only tasted my dad’s beer, Schlitz. No thank you. I was not a fan of fizzy bitter fermentation. So when… Continue reading Lime Vodka, Raisinets, and Cheesecake

Fun Seems like a Year Ago

In February, as I was coming out of my winter hibernation, I started going out to dancing venues. The first time it was a cold Saturday, but the Beatles cover band was a good one, and the winery in an old Victorian house was a fun and packed with people looking to dance. When my… Continue reading Fun Seems like a Year Ago