Late-night Loser

(re-run) I met a guy at a dance. We emailed each other for a week (before texting). We decided to meet at Bing Crosby’s. I took a seat at the bar, and asked for water. After all, I’d had two glasses of wine already, waiting for him to get off work at the TV station… Continue reading Late-night Loser

Dating and other Things Over Fifty

(re-run) Sherry didn’t get her first colonoscopy when she turned fifty, like she was supposed to. She put it off instead. Did she have one done at 51?   No, she did not. 52?   Nope. Finally, Sherry scheduled it to be done at 53.  She was so nervous when she went in that the nurses asked… Continue reading Dating and other Things Over Fifty

A Victoria’s Secret Box with Dinner

(re-run) Saundra met Duke online on Match.  They agreed to meet at Scott’s Seafood restaurant  in Walnut Creek for dinner.  When she got there, he was already seated and waved her over.  As she approached the table she noticed a dozen lavender roses in a vase. She remembered that Duke had asked her favorite color.… Continue reading A Victoria’s Secret Box with Dinner

Maybe, Maybe Not

(re-run) Sabrina had a master’s degree and a professional job.  She went online to meet a guy with an equal education. She tried a site called Elite Singles.  She found Curtis, and they talked on the phone a few times. They decided to get together for a meet and greet. Curtis had been a teacher.… Continue reading Maybe, Maybe Not

Do You Want a Cookie, Little Girl?

(re-run) Pam ran a personal ad in the Contra Costa Times: Single white female looking for single Asian man. Her two previous boyfriends had been Asian. James called and left a message with his phone number on a Friday night. The next morning Pam checked her phone messages. She liked his voice as she listened… Continue reading Do You Want a Cookie, Little Girl?

Always Happens on her Couch

A widow who is my same age told about some of her bad dates, mostly with guys she’d met online.  First there was Dirk.  After the initial date of cocktails, Dirk offered to come over to Vanessa’s place and barbecue for her. She was a grandma and had a new grandbaby to look after once… Continue reading Always Happens on her Couch

Parking Lot Pick-up

(re-run) Edith and Laura were bored. It was Saturday night, and they’d been at their all-girls’ school, Holy Names, for a whole week. It was time to find some guys, to find a party. They pulled into Berkeley and headed for Fraternity Row. Laura spotted someone she had dated before and rolled down the window.… Continue reading Parking Lot Pick-up

Hold the Crunch

(re-run) Jim’s job was to put the crunch in Jif, the new peanut butter to rival Skippy. One machine chopped the peanuts into slivers, and another machine used pistons to plug the slivers into the creamy product. Jim also had to taste-test peanut butter that had been sitting on a shelf for three months in… Continue reading Hold the Crunch