Grabby Guy’s Goodness

(re-run) Brenda was a lonely grad student at Tufts in Boston. She was tired of dating and was thinking of getting her doctorate in nutrition after she got her Master’s degree. Brenda’s two roommates, who were also a couple, told Brenda she needed a night out to go dancing. Brenda got ready and then waited… Continue reading Grabby Guy’s Goodness

Bringing a Friend on a First Date

(re-run) Frankie put an ad in the singles’ section of her town newspaper.  Burt answered the ad.  They talked on the phone several times, once for with three hours.  He told Frankie that he made plastic limbs as movie props. They were both in their late 20’s.  When Burt told her he lived with his… Continue reading Bringing a Friend on a First Date

Buffalo Bill Meets Annie Oakley

(re-run) Aaron met Katie on Plenty of Fish. She didn’t message him back for months. For their first date, he took her duck hunting. She brought her own gun. He brought a boat and the friend who owned it. The trio didn’t’ talk much because they had to be quiet to get a duck. It… Continue reading Buffalo Bill Meets Annie Oakley

Best Friends of Days Gone by

On another day of reflection, I’m wondering how I lost track of two dear friends, one from high school, the other from college. I was maid of honor in the bridesmaid line-up at each of their weddings.  I’m still wondering how that ever could’ve happened, looking back over the past forty years. I got married,… Continue reading Best Friends of Days Gone by

Best Ed Sullivan Show Ever

(re-run) Carol grew up in in Pueblo, Colorado, which was called the little Pittsburg of the West. Her dad was a steelworker. Her mom was a lab tech phlebotomist at the hospital. Whenever one of the kids got sick, her mom would bring home a hypodermic needle in her purse to draw some blood. “To… Continue reading Best Ed Sullivan Show Ever

A Great Dane Story

(re-run) When I was thirteen, I hung out at my neighbor Bonnie’s house, just one block away from mine, but it was different world.  Both her parents worked full time, so we teens could be there with no parental supervision. We were supervised, though, by the family’s Great Danes. I remember three dogs, but there… Continue reading A Great Dane Story

It’s the Little Things

A morning sunrise, skies streaked pink and blue.  A warm dog cuddled under the afghan throw as I read a book. A hot cup of fake mocha coffee and a Madeleine cookie.  A bunch of texts from an adult child 3000 miles away.  A photo of my smiling grandson in his high chair. The lure… Continue reading It’s the Little Things

How Thrifting Improved my Day

(re-run) Okay, I admit it. I’m a thrift store junkie. When I go to my fave beach town, I make sure to stop at every thrift store at least once. That makes for six stops, nine if I venture down to Carmel. This trip I stayed in my town. I wandered into Second Chance and… Continue reading How Thrifting Improved my Day

Cut Loose on a Saturday Afternoon

(re-run) “I like the way you dance,” he said that Saturday afternoon. Margo and I had gone to Vino Godfather, a cool little winery in an old Victorian house on Mare Island in Vallejo. The island used to be a naval base, judging from the abandoned barracks on the way to the winery. A good… Continue reading Cut Loose on a Saturday Afternoon

If the Shoe Sticks, Wear It

Dancing as a Medicare senior has its challenges. Where to go? What to wear? Wear a mask?  Last night I found myself at a restaurant/bar called Wise Girl’s, where the owner had remodeled to make room for a stage and more tables. The live band, the Groove Doctors, were there, with two great female leads… Continue reading If the Shoe Sticks, Wear It