Spring Cleaning in February

(re-run) It started with a koala bear.  A bunch of them.  Some musicians were having a fundraiser for Australia, the fires, and the koalas.  It was donation at the door.  Two and a half hours of music, and I knew three of the performers. We got there early and sat in the third row.  Two… Continue reading Spring Cleaning in February

Best Ed Sullivan Show Ever

(re-run) Carol grew up in in Pueblo, Colorado, which was called the little Pittsburg of the West. Her dad was a steelworker. Her mom was a lab tech phlebotomist at the hospital. Whenever one of the kids got sick, her mom would bring home a hypodermic needle in her purse to draw some blood. “To… Continue reading Best Ed Sullivan Show Ever

Cut Loose on a Saturday Afternoon

(re-run) “I like the way you dance,” he said that Saturday afternoon. Margo and I had gone to Vino Godfather, a cool little winery in an old Victorian house on Mare Island in Vallejo. The island used to be a naval base, judging from the abandoned barracks on the way to the winery. A good… Continue reading Cut Loose on a Saturday Afternoon

A Lasting Love

(re-run) Maurice was a sophomore at Riordan Catholic High School for Boys in San Francisco. He played tenor sax in the marching band. His buddy, Dave, was dating a girl named Sheila from Mercy Catholic High School for girls, and he suggested that Maurice date her older sister, Colleen.The foursome went to the football game,… Continue reading A Lasting Love

Memorizing Chorus Song Lyrics

My community chorus is singing 14 songs for Christmas. Five of them are repeats from last year, so that leaves nine new ones for me to learn and a new part on two songs, so 11. Memorizing the notes and timing is easy. Just listen to the songs on a loop while running errands. As… Continue reading Memorizing Chorus Song Lyrics

Musical Cleaning Day (waiting for plumber)

(re-run) The plumber said he’d be here by mid-morning, but it wasn’t looking good.  I worked on a review for a new children’s book coming out next month. I watched some Dry Bar Comedy while I digested my breakfast.  That is no longer a multi-tasking feature of my aging body. Reflux. It’s best to let… Continue reading Musical Cleaning Day (waiting for plumber)

There’s That Song!

(re-run) I make different playlists on YouTube. Sometimes I want my meditation playlist with mellow songs. Other times I like my post-colonoscopy list, which is all my favorite songs ever. I also have a Michael Jackson playlist and a summertime playlist. I’ve been looking for a certain song for my whole adult life, really. Every… Continue reading There’s That Song!

Do You Want a Cookie, Little Girl?

(re-run) She ran a personal ad in the Contra Costa Times: Single white female looking for single Asian man. Her two previous boyfriends had been Asian. James called and left a message with his phone number on a Friday night. The next morning Pam checked her phone messages. She liked his voice as she listened… Continue reading Do You Want a Cookie, Little Girl?

It’s Never Too Late

(re-run) Three weeks ago, I made a summer playlist. Does that seem silly? The last day of summer is almost here. I included songs with summer in the title, like Hot Fun in the Summertime by Sly and the Family Stone, Summer Breeze by Seals and Croft, Summer in the City by the Lovin’ Spoonful,… Continue reading It’s Never Too Late

When your Subconscious Self is Screaming at You

(re-run) I just unpacked my one-thousand-book collection. Ten years ago, I packed it up and stored it in Rubbermaid tubs in a damp garage two blocks from the ocean. I was in the middle of a divorce, and I sold all the bookcases in my divorce house so that I wouldn’t have to move them.… Continue reading When your Subconscious Self is Screaming at You