Prince Not So Charming

He was dressed as Prince Charming. I was dressed as a 1930’s nurse from Samuel Merritt Nursing School in Oakland, admittedly a weird Halloween costume, but the woman at the estate sale had practically given it to me after I bought $200 worth of antiques for my vintage shop. My friend, Nancy, her niece, and…… Continue reading Prince Not So Charming

His Baby, She Wrote Him a Letter

Holly moved from San Francisco to the East Bay and missed her old classmates. The smart kids and the popular kids had already established their cliques. She was an outsider. Holly had no close friends to share her excitement and concerns at Bishop O’Dowd High School, even though she was kind of cute, smart, and…… Continue reading His Baby, She Wrote Him a Letter

Tails, You Lose, Heads, I Win

He was working in Pittsburg, auditing Gulf Oil for Price Waterhouse. One of his married buddies approached the crowd at the water cooler and asked his buddy, John, if he wanted a blind date with his wife’s friend from dental school. “Wait,” Arthur said. “You already have a girlfriend, John! How about me? Why can’t…… Continue reading Tails, You Lose, Heads, I Win

Head in the Clouds Harry

They met at the Appalachian Mountain club, an organization for sporting events in Boston. He was athletic looking with a nice smile. Harry asked Margo to go on a short hike with him in New Hampshire. She agreed to drive separately and meet him at the trailhead since she had a dinner to attend that…… Continue reading Head in the Clouds Harry