The Busted Nut

A decade ago, my boyfriend (at the time) and I took a driving vacation from my mom’s place in Iowa, up to Sioux Falls, and across South Dakota to Rapid City, Mount Rushmore, and Crazy Horse.  I’d never seen the Badlands or the Black Hills. I heard the story of Mount Rushmore, USA government style,… Continue reading The Busted Nut

Jerky Jokester

(re-run) Elena lived in San Francisco. She went to the Cingular store to get a cell phone line. Fidel saw her and helped her get one set up. She filled out the paperwork and then changed her mind. He put the paperwork into the shredder but then asked her for her phone number. “If you… Continue reading Jerky Jokester

A Charmed Life or Murphy’s Law?

As I was driving home from errands yesterday and every single light in a stretch of five was green, I thought to myself, Self, you lead a charmed life. Of course, that was Monday. Thursday might be a Murphy’s Law kind of day, where everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Part of it… Continue reading A Charmed Life or Murphy’s Law?

Buffalo Bill Meets Annie Oakley

(re-run) Aaron met Katie on Plenty of Fish. She didn’t message him back for months. For their first date, he took her duck hunting. She brought her own gun. He brought a boat and the friend who owned it. The trio didn’t’ talk much because they had to be quiet to get a duck. It… Continue reading Buffalo Bill Meets Annie Oakley

Wasabi on a First Date

(re-run) Garth and Gladys went to the same hair dresser.  She was coming in as he was going out. He asked for her phone number. She gave it to her hairdresser to give to him. There aren’t too many eligible men in their seventies, especially one that still had his hair! Garth took Gladys to… Continue reading Wasabi on a First Date