Taking the Plunge

Aileen had an antique store in downtown Hayward with her husband. The business grew from their first 450 square foot shop until they’d moved into a store that was 3800 square feet.  Her husband did the refinishing buisness in the workshop, and she ran the shop.  Life was good until Tom got lung cancer.  Suddenly… Continue reading Taking the Plunge


(re-run) Long before dating sites and the personal computer were invented, Scott answered a personal ad in the Contra Costa Times. Remember newspapers? They were ink-on-paper affairs that folded in half, but not shiny like a magazine (a magazine was a booklet of ads, stories, and photographs with a theme that was published weekly or… Continue reading Escape

Sully, A Famous Face

(re-run) Living in Northern California, I don’t run into celebrities too often. Once I met J. K. Rowling, the Harry Potter author, when she was touring the U.S. to promote her third book. Otherwise, I’d heard that Carlos Santana came to visit his restaurant, Maria Maria, every now and then, and that some famous ball… Continue reading Sully, A Famous Face

My Love Affair with Chocolate

From that first bite of a chocolate chip cookie or the first taste of creamy pudding, I’ve been a lover of anything chocolate. I love chocolate cake, brownies, cookies, cream pie, ice cream, desserts of any kind, Twix candy bars, truffles, and so on and so forth. My latest kick has been the huge chocolate… Continue reading My Love Affair with Chocolate

Wasabi on a First Date

(re-run) Garth and Gladys had the same hair dresser.  She was coming in as he was going out. He asked for her phone number. She gave it to her hairdresser to give to him. There aren’t too many eligible men in their seventies, especially one that still had his hair! Garth took Gladys to a… Continue reading Wasabi on a First Date