Jerky Jokester

(re-run) Elena lived in San Francisco. She went to the Cingular store to get a cell phone line. Fidel saw her and helped her get one set up. She filled out the paperwork and then changed her mind. He put the paperwork into the shredder but then asked her for her phone number. “If you… Continue reading Jerky Jokester

Dance with Me, Young Jeremy

(re-run) Every dance bar in Omaha ended the night with its signature song. One bar closed with Last Dance by Donna Summer, another used Shout from the Blues Brothers movie (by the Isley Brothers) as its sign-off song. But my fave dance bar closed with the song New York, New York. It seemed an odd… Continue reading Dance with Me, Young Jeremy

To Flirt or Not to Flirt

(re-run) They found each other on They had both lost their spouses. Don said he was looking for a good Catholic widow. He was involved with the arch diocese in Oakland. Sue was a recovering Catholic but thought maybe he was a solid guy.  She agreed to meet him for coffee. He was good-looking… Continue reading To Flirt or Not to Flirt

Late-night Loser

(re-run) I met a guy at a dance. We emailed each other for a week (before texting). We decided to meet at Bing Crosby’s. I took a seat at the bar, and asked for water. After all, I’d had two glasses of wine already, waiting for him to get off work at the TV station… Continue reading Late-night Loser

Thoughts on Leftovers

Since this blog is called First Date Worst Date Ever, you might think I’m talking about sloppy seconds as in second choice for a date, but I’m not. I’m talking about food in the fridge in a cute little round or rectangular Tupperware container. My ex wouldn’t touch a leftover with a ten-foot pole.  It… Continue reading Thoughts on Leftovers

Taking the Plunge

Aileen had an antique store in downtown Hayward with her husband. The business grew from their first 450 square foot shop until they’d moved into a store that was 3800 square feet.  Her husband did the refinishing buisness in the workshop, and she ran the shop.  Life was good until Tom got lung cancer.  Suddenly… Continue reading Taking the Plunge


(re-run) Long before dating sites and the personal computer were invented, Scott answered a personal ad in the Contra Costa Times. Remember newspapers? They were ink-on-paper affairs that folded in half, but not shiny like a magazine (a magazine was a booklet of ads, stories, and photographs with a theme that was published weekly or… Continue reading Escape