Phantom of the Halloween Party

(re-run) Roberto put on his white mask and black cape and headed to WPLJ’s in Walnut Creek for his singles’ club annual Halloween party. Available middle-aged women milled around the bar in their skimpy alter-ego outfits. There were: Slutty witches Slutty fairy tale characters Slutty mermaids Slutty nurses and slutty vampires. Oh, which one to… Continue reading Phantom of the Halloween Party

There’s Bitchy and There’s Old-lady Bitchy

(re-run) I could’ve called it My Bitchy Saturday but opted instead for the title above.  It started off with the grocery store clerk putting my bag of apples at the bottom of the bag, then placing two dozen eggs, a pound of turkey, and a container of cake on top of them. Yes, I bought… Continue reading There’s Bitchy and There’s Old-lady Bitchy

Living with a Ratter

The change in the weather is the time to handle the rat situation. How does one know she has rats under her house? Just ask any terrier who might happen to live with you. Terriers were bred to find and kill rodents. Daisy is Jack Russell terrier. I didn’t know how bad my rat problem… Continue reading Living with a Ratter

A Funeral, an Appendix, and a Dead Concert

(re-run) PK lived in Jersey when her childhood friend’s mum was terminally ill in Boston.  Her friend called to say her mother had died, and PK woke up, wanting to go to the funeral and surprise her friend.  She felt bad but thought it was the heat.  She loaded up her three-year-old daughter and took… Continue reading A Funeral, an Appendix, and a Dead Concert

The Value of Rock and Roll Music

John Lennon is turning over in his grave.  One of his biggest songs, All You Need is Love, is now a GAP commercial with Katy Perry singing it as she poses for the camera in GAP clothing. If only John, Paul, and their manager, Brian Epstein, had had a clue about contracts and song rights… Continue reading The Value of Rock and Roll Music

Daisy and the Rain Storm

We haven’t had a big rain for 9 months. Today we are in the middle of an atmospheric river aimed at the Bay Area. People and plants are rejoicing. Firefighters are taking a much-needed rest.  Yesterday, we even danced at a winery in light rain as a hope for a wet winter and also because… Continue reading Daisy and the Rain Storm

The Neighbors, the Loose Pitbull, and the Daily Pooper

(re-run) We bought a house on a street that was a long court with two courts coming off of it. We were up at the top, and it was a great and safe place for my kids to walk our greyhound mix dog. Until it wasn’t. “That was a short walk,” I said when they… Continue reading The Neighbors, the Loose Pitbull, and the Daily Pooper