Why I Love Saturday Mornings

(re-run) When I was a kid, cartoons made Saturday mornings great. We sat around in our pajamas and ate cereal in front of the TV. There was never time any other day of the week. Now that I’m grown and also retired, I still love Saturday mornings.  I don’t have to Zumba, I don’t have… Continue reading Why I Love Saturday Mornings

Back in my Fat Pants Again

It sounds like a country western song. “Well, my true love done left me. He mosied ‘round the bend. It makes me sad that I’m heading back to my fat pants again!” In the winter, when I can hide under many layers, I am thinnest. Maybe it’s all the no-calorie tea and hot water that… Continue reading Back in my Fat Pants Again

Marriage Advice from a Divorced Person

(re-run) Facebook gives me many ideas for blog posts. I went thrifting this morning in my little beach town and was going to brag about how I went to four thrift stores, bought four bags of stuff and only spent $7.50 plus $4.28 plus $6.53 plus $19.99. It was a stellar day for useful household… Continue reading Marriage Advice from a Divorced Person

Fleetwood Who?

Whenever a Fleetwood Mac song comes on, everyone around me goes gah-gah.  I admit that the Rumours album is a good one, but I just don’t feel it like everyone else does.  The other month, I tried to figure out why that is. At karaoke, many of my girlfriends want to sing Fleetwood Mac songs.… Continue reading Fleetwood Who?

The Value of Rock and Roll Music

(re-run) John Lennon is turning over in his grave.  One of his biggest songs, All You Need is Love, is now a GAP commercial with Katy Perry singing it as she poses for the camera in GAP clothing. Dick’s Sporting Goods uses Come Together in an ad, and Airbnb uses In My Life. If only… Continue reading The Value of Rock and Roll Music

Off the Grid

(re-run) The power went out.  I was in the middle of a movie when everything shut off.  Soon my neighbors were texting me, asking me to report the outage to PG& E. The more the better, they said. A few minutes after that, I received a robocall. The outage was affecting 5000 customers. The power… Continue reading Off the Grid

Tunes, a Car, and 120 Miles To Go

I visit my little beach house a couple times a a month. Mostly it’s so my potted plants don’t croak (thanks, Mr. Gopher), especially during this very dry winter, but it’s also a change of scenery and a chance to blow the cobwebs out of my head . . . . . . while driving… Continue reading Tunes, a Car, and 120 Miles To Go

The Dancing Tribe

Different town. Different band. Same faces. We are the tribe of dancers, mostly in our fifties, sixties, and seventies, following rock and roll music wherever it goes.  We might not know each other’s names, but we smile and wave. It’s been two years since some of us have seen each other. Last summer the venues… Continue reading The Dancing Tribe

Best Ed Sullivan Show Ever

(re-run) Carol grew up in in Pueblo, Colorado. They called it the little Pittsburg of the West. Her dad was a steelworker. Her mom was a lab tech phlebotomist at the hospital. Whenever one of the kids got sick, her mom would bring home a hypodermic needle in her purse to draw some blood. “To… Continue reading Best Ed Sullivan Show Ever

Gore No More

I have a low tolerance for gore and violence in the media. I tried out a new show on Monday nights called The Cleaning Lady. It comes on right after 911 Lonestar, a show with Rob Lowe as a fire captain of a Texas firehouse with a quirky crew. Did I mention Rob Lowe? I’ve… Continue reading Gore No More