The Morningstar is in the Garage Freezer

(re-run) I live in a town with a lot of well-off people. The burglars have figured this out. I bought a locking mailbox that sits on the street with two other mail boxes. Mine has been tampered with twice. Once they bent down the metal to reach their hands inside and get a 2020 calendar,… Continue reading The Morningstar is in the Garage Freezer

My Love Affair with Chocolate

From that first bite of a chocolate chip cookie or the first taste of creamy pudding, I’ve been a lover of anything chocolate. I love chocolate cake, brownies, cookies, cream pie, ice cream, desserts of any kind, Twix candy bars, truffles, and so on and so forth. My latest kick has been the huge chocolate… Continue reading My Love Affair with Chocolate

Score at the Beach

When I heard that Paul McCartney’s two-volume book set called The Lyrics would explain the origins of every song he ever wrote, I went onto Amazon to see how much it cost.  $99.00!  I’m a fan, but that’s kind of crazy. Then I saw the book The Lyrics featured in the monthly Costco magazine. I… Continue reading Score at the Beach

Snowshoeing with the Girls

(re-run) The last time I was in Tahoe in the winter, Valentina, Margo and I went snowshoeing. The guys went skiing, but we girls weren’t up for that. Maybe it was the house party the night before, or maybe it was a fear of snowboarders taking us out as we meandered down the slopes. Full… Continue reading Snowshoeing with the Girls

Last Costco Run of 2021

I have a love-hate relationship with Costco.  I love the convenience of buying candy, batteries, latex gloves, apples, wool socks and books in one run. I hate the lifting, then lifting again, and finally, lifting again at home. Today the checker’s helper did the lifting onto the conveyor belt. “Please don’t put anything heavy on… Continue reading Last Costco Run of 2021

Where’s the Beef Going?

My sister fell out of her recliner at her nursing home (board and care home, actually) and landed on her face and her glasses. The glasses were badly bent, so I needed to go to Costco on the DAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING to see if they would bend them back into shape with their magical optical… Continue reading Where’s the Beef Going?

The Bathroom Post

Nobody talks about it except those red bears on the toilet paper commercial. Everybody poops. Or they at least try to. Older folks often have trouble in this department because the body is less efficient, and everything slows down, especially the digestive system. My days of eating nachos for lunch are over, my friends. French… Continue reading The Bathroom Post

My Perfect High School OCD Job

After babysitting for every rug rat in my neighborhood and getting short-changed by a few of their parents (the going rate was 50 cents an hour), I moved into real jobs with time cards and pay stubs. The first one was as a window clerk at Mc Donald’s. I was fast. I could take and… Continue reading My Perfect High School OCD Job