Butt Text Emojis and Other Stuff

You’ve got to help out us Boomers. We try to be cool and stay relevant, but it’s hard, you know, since we grew up in different times. Our thumbs won’t be arthritic by the time we’re old. I know this because I’m already there, and my thumbs are fine. I did strain the third finger… Continue reading Butt Text Emojis and Other Stuff

Lockdown Monday

  I got up and fed the dogs, shared my morning apple with them, and then ate my breakfast while checking Facebook. I took a quick shower and then had the whole day ahead of me to fill. Let’s see, yesterday I vacuumed up all the dead bugs and cobwebs in the garage. You know… Continue reading Lockdown Monday

How to Self-quarantine in California

The Corona virus Covid-19 is upon us.  We need to practice social distancing, especially if we are old. I am doing my darnedest to distance myself. My plan today was to be at Costco at 9:00 a.m. to get a few things.  100 people beat me to it. I saw the line at the door… Continue reading How to Self-quarantine in California