A Crazy Coyote Story

The Bay Area has a nutty coyote that has, so far, bitten five humans. It started back in July in the town of Moraga, where it first bit a toddler in a park. It also bit a man running track in the dark at a high school. Then it bit a grocery store employee on… Continue reading A Crazy Coyote Story

Thank God for Girl Scout Cookies

(re-run) This is my 21st day in quarantine. I started early when my sister’s infectious disease doctor told me not to risk it. I sold my ticket to a Motown review and went to the beach house. When the nursing homes shut down all visitors, I saw my sis for another week. She lives in… Continue reading Thank God for Girl Scout Cookies

Keeping Musicians Going During the Pandemic

I am a dancer and a music lover. When all the summer outdoor concerts were canceled in 2020, I grieved for weeks.  Then I decided that my goal during the pandemic would be to fund the musicians, so that they wouldn’t quit playing and get a real job. Many musicians quickly learned how to livestream… Continue reading Keeping Musicians Going During the Pandemic

Being a Woman in American Politics

I am in that sandwich generation between the straight-laced 50s and the drugged-up 70s, where young women went from having chaperones and wearing poodle skirts to wearing bell bottoms and listening to songs on the radio called Love the One You’re With. It was a confusing time for us girls. We were told to watch… Continue reading Being a Woman in American Politics

Hot Lipstick and a Missed Wedding

(re-run) This morning (Sunday) I ran out to get the San Francisco Chronicle, bought fruit, and then dropped off a library book, mailed a letter, and parked in front of CVS, waiting for the pharmacy to open. Why not run errands later, you ask?  Because the Chronicle sells out fairly early, so I settled in… Continue reading Hot Lipstick and a Missed Wedding

Mornings Are for Blogging

When you’re mostly retired, like I am, you find that you think best in the morning. I’ve written and published 29 children’s books, and each one was born in the a.m., and not after midnight. At night I am pretty worthless. I can usually read until 7:00 or 8:00. Then it’s Snoozeville after that, which… Continue reading Mornings Are for Blogging

How the Global Pandemic is Better than Last Time

The Spanish flu killed a couple million people across the world in 1918-1919. We are now, a century later, mired again in a global pandemic, month number ten. But things aren’t quite as grim this time, unless of course, you are one of the science deniers who refuses to social distance, wear a mask, and… Continue reading How the Global Pandemic is Better than Last Time

How God Figures into the Pandemic (Coronavirus)

(re-run) While scrolling through Facebook this morning and consuming my simple breakfast of a packet of Belvita cinnamon breakfast biscuits and a cup of fake coffee, I saw a post from a high school friend back in Iowa, who said that the media is out of control. I am here to say that without the… Continue reading How God Figures into the Pandemic (Coronavirus)

Dancing as Stress Therapy

Someone in an introvert group on Facebook said he didn’t dance because it looks so dumb. Yes, it can look dumb, especially if you’re not doing it, just watching. I’m an old school dancer – shake what the good Lord gave you.  I’ve been rocking out to music for half a century. I probably look… Continue reading Dancing as Stress Therapy