You Know You’re Getting Old when . . .

(re-run) . . . .you planned on driving an hour to hear live music for two hours, but now you’d rather sit home and watch the news and the PBS country music special. . . . you decided to sort out all of your framing supplies and halfway through, you thought to yourself, what have… Continue reading You Know You’re Getting Old when . . .

Fix Your Past Mistakes, or Get a Million Dollars?

(re-run) A Facebook post asks if you’d rather go back in time and fix all of your mistakes or don’t do that and get $1,000,000 instead. That’s easy. People will take the money. What if the choice were, go back in time and fix all your mistakes or don’t (no money)?  I’d say no to… Continue reading Fix Your Past Mistakes, or Get a Million Dollars?

WTF? Ring the Doorbell!

I have an older friend who has glommed onto texting as though it were the only way to communicate. She becomes impatient if I don’t respond within sixty seconds. She occasionally takes a walk and ends up in my front yard, asking for a glass of water. Don’t get me wrong. I’d be happy to… Continue reading WTF? Ring the Doorbell!

My Fake-Coffee Half Hour

(re-run) It’s funny how a person’s perception of what is good changes with the circumstances. I used to look forward to my can of Diet Coke every day until I reached my mid-forties. Then the stuff became too hard on my stomach, and I gave it up. I used to look forward to my cup… Continue reading My Fake-Coffee Half Hour

Facebook Cracks Me Up

Facebook cracks me up.  I posted a photo of my girlfriend and me, posing next to a glorious Christmas tree, both of us decked out in our holiday finest. She’s a stunner, but people were nice and said we were both beautiful. I thought, I’ll take that. Then one random friend said, “Beautiful tree!”  It… Continue reading Facebook Cracks Me Up

A Good First Date

(re-run) Harold was friends with Jack who worked with Mary. Jack thought Harold and Mary should meet. “Come to the company luncheon with me,” Jack said.  “And it you don’t like Mary, you can meet Alice.” Harold went online and checked out the two women’s Facebook pages. He liked Mary’s page more than Alice’s page.… Continue reading A Good First Date

Barbies or a Boyfriend?

(re-run) Facebook has done it again. When I think I have no ideas for a new blog post, a Facebook exchange with a stranger will remind me of something in my past to write about. The post was a Ukranian girl sitting in a window, holding a weapon. The caption said, “While American tweens are… Continue reading Barbies or a Boyfriend?

Fleet Week and the Ten Million Dollar Lot

(re-run) When I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, no one explained what Fleet Week was. But after many years, I finally figured it out — big ships, military stuff, the Blue Angels. The Blue Angels are six military jets that fly in formation by some amazing pilots. They fly over the city of… Continue reading Fleet Week and the Ten Million Dollar Lot

Hat Trick

(re-run) I have too many hats. Most of them were store inventory since I had a brick and mortar costume business for kids – field trips, book reports, etc. I sold on Etsy for five years until they became a corporate company with plans to streamline the buyer’s experience. Just click a button and order… Continue reading Hat Trick