My Fake-Coffee Half Hour

(re-run) It’s funny how a person’s perception of what is good changes with the circumstances. I used to look forward to my can of Diet Coke every day until I reached my mid-forties. Then the stuff was too hard on my stomach, and I gave it up. I used to look forward to my cup… Continue reading My Fake-Coffee Half Hour

Mass Shootings in the News

My daughter and her husband have no network TV. A week and a half after the Uvalde shootings, I have to say that it might’ve been a good thing to miss all of it when I was there to meet my grandson. Now I’m back, and the pile of newspapers have been read. I’ve seen… Continue reading Mass Shootings in the News

Marriage Advice from a Divorced Person

(re-run) Facebook gives me many ideas for blog posts. I went thrifting this morning in my little beach town and was going to brag about how I went to four thrift stores, bought four bags of stuff and only spent $7.50 plus $4.28 plus $6.53 plus $19.99. It was a stellar day for useful household… Continue reading Marriage Advice from a Divorced Person

A Good First Date

Harold was friends with Jack. Jack worked with Mary. Jack thought Harold and Mary should meet. “Come to the company luncheon with me,” Jack said.  “And it you don’t like Mary, you can meet Alice.” Harold went online and checked out the two women’s Facebook pages. He liked Mary’s page more than Alice’s page. But… Continue reading A Good First Date

The Morningstar is in the Garage Freezer

(re-run) I live in a town with a lot of well-off people. The burglars have figured this out. I bought a locking mailbox that sits on the street with two other mail boxes. Mine has been tampered with twice. Once they bent down the metal to reach their hands inside and get a 2020 calendar,… Continue reading The Morningstar is in the Garage Freezer

Checking Out the Guy Checking You Out

(re-run) First of all, let’s just get this out in the open. It’s weird to be a woman of a certain age and to be hit on while waiting for a BART train. As in Bay Area Rapid Transit. He was sitting when I came up to the platform. I sat down next to him,… Continue reading Checking Out the Guy Checking You Out

Barbies or a Boyfriend?

Facebook has done it again. When I think I have no ideas for a new blog post, some Facebook exchange with a stranger will remind me of something in my past to write about. The post was a Ukranian girl sitting in a window, holding a weapon. The caption said, “While American tweens are playing… Continue reading Barbies or a Boyfriend?

Off the Grid

(re-run) The power went out.  I was in the middle of a movie when everything shut off.  Soon my neighbors were texting me, asking me to report the outage to PG& E. The more the better, they said. A few minutes after that, I received a robocall. The outage was affecting 5000 customers. The power… Continue reading Off the Grid

Blame it on the Boomers?

I saw a post on Facebook that Boomers ruined the country. I responded back that the government ruined the country. I got a response that the government was all Boomers, right? Excuse me?  Baby Boomers were born after the end of World War II when the soldiers/fighters/wounded came home and produced a plethora of babies.… Continue reading Blame it on the Boomers?

Hat Trick

I have too many hats. Most of them were store inventory since I had a costume business for kids – field trips, book reports, etc. I sold on Etsy for five years until they became a corporate company with plans to streamline the buyer’s experience. Just click a button and order with your credit card.… Continue reading Hat Trick