Whole Court Shake-up

(re-run) Ten years ago, I moved to the best little court in my town, in the suburbs of the Bay Area.  At the time, it was a court filled with girls – two grade-school girls across the street (they moved in five months after I did), two same-aged girls next to them, a baby girl… Continue reading Whole Court Shake-up

The Dancing Tribe

Different town. Different band. Same faces. We are the tribe of dancers, mostly in our fifties, sixties, and seventies, following rock and roll music wherever it goes.  We might not know each other’s names, but we smile and wave. It’s been two years since some of us have seen each other. Last summer all the… Continue reading The Dancing Tribe

It’s Never Too Late

Three weeks ago, I made a summer playlist. Does that seem silly? The last day of summer is the day after tomorrow. I included songs with summer in the title, like Hot Fun in the Summertime by Sly and the Family Stone, Summer Breeze by Seals and Croft, Summer in the City by the Lovin’… Continue reading It’s Never Too Late

My Three-quarter Bike Ride

(re-run) I was the one that suggested the bike ride.  My adult children don’t spend enough time outdoors or get enough exercise. They do like to ride the Iron Horse trail, an easy, shady railroad right of way that connects towns up and down the I- 680 corridor. I knew I had them when I… Continue reading My Three-quarter Bike Ride

The Sequin That Bugged Me

It was on my shoulder, and it was bugging me, one shiny sequin that I’d failed to see when I’d cut them off my second-hand sweater. It was a blue and green floral, found in a thrift store, hardly worn, but the sequins dated it. to the 80s. So I’d cut them off, except for… Continue reading The Sequin That Bugged Me

The Weakest Link – my Low Back

(re-run) The good thing about the current Coronavirus Covid-19 lockdown is that I have a hundred projects to finish.  Suddenly I have nothing but time to do it all. Everything was going along swimmingly yesterday. I exercised. I painted (spray-painted picture frames), I picked up dog poop. I did a heavy load of laundry.  I… Continue reading The Weakest Link – my Low Back

Two Tubs In, One Tub Out

I gave away 78 pioneer outfits to a 4th grade teacher today. I used to sell them online for school field trips, but that all came to a screeching halt with the pandemic. During the lockdown, I finished every dress and shirt in my sewing room, increasing my inventory load with nowhere to sell it.… Continue reading Two Tubs In, One Tub Out

God and the Pandemic

My oldest child went to a Christian school for kindergarten. It was tied to the church that ran her preschool. She turned out to be the youngest one in the class, a full year younger than her carpool mate. They shared an October birthday. Let’s call that girl Shannon.  Let’s call her mom Debbie.  I’ll… Continue reading God and the Pandemic

Why I Love Saturday Mornings

When I was a kid, cartoons made Saturday mornings great. We sat around in our pajamas and ate our cereal in front of the TV. There was never time any other day of the week. Now that I’m grown and also retired, I still love Saturday mornings.  I don’t have to Zumba, I don’t have… Continue reading Why I Love Saturday Mornings