Why I Love Saturday Mornings

(re-run) When I was a kid, cartoons made Saturday mornings great. We sat around in our pajamas and ate cereal in front of the TV. There was never time any other day of the week. Now that I’m grown and also retired, I still love Saturday mornings.  I don’t have to Zumba, I don’t have… Continue reading Why I Love Saturday Mornings

My Three-quarter Bike Ride

(re-run) I was the one that suggested the bike ride.  My adult children don’t spend enough time outdoors or get enough exercise, but they do like to ride the Iron Horse trail, an easy, shady railroad right of way that connects towns up and down the I- 680 corridor. I knew I had them when… Continue reading My Three-quarter Bike Ride

A Good First Date

Harold was friends with Jack. Jack worked with Mary. Jack thought Harold and Mary should meet. “Come to the company luncheon with me,” Jack said.  “And it you don’t like Mary, you can meet Alice.” Harold went online and checked out the two women’s Facebook pages. He liked Mary’s page more than Alice’s page. But… Continue reading A Good First Date

The Dog Whisperer

My son moved in with me. He has managed to get the super anxious, high-strung Jack Russell to roll over onto her back when she sees him coming. She allows belly rubs to happen. This is huge. I’ve been massaging Daisy Dog ever since pandemic life went online with Zoom. She knows to sit in… Continue reading The Dog Whisperer

Two Tubs In, One Tub Out

(re-run) I gave away 78 pioneer outfits (from my beach house garage) to a 4th grade teacher today. I used to sell them online for school field trips, but that all came to a screeching halt with the pandemic. During the lockdown, I finished every dress and shirt in my sewing room, increasing my inventory… Continue reading Two Tubs In, One Tub Out

The Weakest Link – my Low Back

(re-run) The good thing about the current Coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown is that I have a hundred projects to finish.  Suddenly I have nothing but time to do it all. Everything was going along swimmingly yesterday. I exercised. I painted (spray-painted picture frames), I picked up dog poop. I did a heavy load of laundry.  I… Continue reading The Weakest Link – my Low Back

Where’s My Fish?

(re-run) During the pandemic in 2020, it was easy running down to the beach house for a few days since nothing was going on. The freeways were deserted while everyone stayed home.  Now that life is somewhat back to normal, I have to give up fun things to make room for a beachy weekend. I… Continue reading Where’s My Fish?

Trapped Inside

(re-run) As the roses explode in red, peach and orange colors across my two yards, I am stuck inside.  Through the window, I see mounds of yellow blossoms on the Jerusalem sage plants, both front and back, red and white petals on the Hot Lips sage, purple tips on the English lavender, and every other… Continue reading Trapped Inside

The Absurdity of It All

The world is spinning out of control. Ukraine is being destroyed with missiles and bombs by Putin. 2. Senator Ted Cruz asked a federal judge to rate picture books as to whether or not they are racist. 3. Angry local vandals are slapping Fuck Biden bumper stickers on the Priuses of liberal-leaning senior citizens (me).… Continue reading The Absurdity of It All

When It’s Foggy, Go Thrifting

(re-run) I am in Monterey County, which is known for its June Gloom. I woke up to fog and had no desire to pull weeds in the dampness. Since there was no Zoom Zumba this morning, I seized the day, deciding before breakfast to go thrifting in Carmel. I hadn’t been there for a few… Continue reading When It’s Foggy, Go Thrifting