You Know You’ve Been Alone Too Long When . . .

(re-run) It’s week ten or eleven of the Covid-19 lockdown — I’ve lost track. I found out in a Zoom meeting last night that two more people that I know had a nasty virus in March that caused them to lose their sense of smell and taste. They are both well over sixty, as are… Continue reading You Know You’ve Been Alone Too Long When . . .

The Weakest Link – my Low Back

(re-run) The good thing about the current Coronavirus Covid-19 lockdown is that I have a hundred projects to finish.  Suddenly I have nothing but time to do it all. Everything was going along swimmingly yesterday. I exercised. I painted (spray-painted picture frames), I picked up dog poop. I did a heavy load of laundry.  I… Continue reading The Weakest Link – my Low Back

How the Global Pandemic is Better than Last Time

The Spanish flu killed a couple million people across the world in 1918-1919. We are now, a century later, mired again in a global pandemic, month number ten. But things aren’t quite as grim this time, unless of course, you are one of the science deniers who refuses to social distance, wear a mask, and… Continue reading How the Global Pandemic is Better than Last Time

How God Figures into the Pandemic (Coronavirus)

(re-run) While scrolling through Facebook this morning and consuming my simple breakfast of a packet of Belvita cinnamon breakfast biscuits and a cup of fake coffee, I saw a post from a high school friend back in Iowa, who said that the media is out of control. I am here to say that without the… Continue reading How God Figures into the Pandemic (Coronavirus)

Rainy Sunday Morning Surprise

I am too cheap to pay $3.00 for a newspaper carrier to deliver the San Francisco Sunday Chronicle. Yes, I am a dinosaur. I still read physical newpspapers, eight per week. When I discovered that I was being charged $6.00 for a $3.00 paper, I stopped my subscription and started picking it up myself. That… Continue reading Rainy Sunday Morning Surprise

Carmel Real Estate and Doris Day

Doris Day passed away, and her Carmel house is on the market. I read about it in the free Carmel magazine which comes out every other month that anyone can pick up in front of the local liquor store. I liked Doris. I liked her dog philanthropy and her hotel that allowed dogs. I am… Continue reading Carmel Real Estate and Doris Day

Dancing as Stress Therapy

Someone in an introvert group on Facebook said he didn’t dance because it looks so dumb. Yes, it can look dumb, especially if you’re not doing it, just watching. I’m an old school dancer – shake what the good Lord gave you.  I’ve been rocking out to music for half a century. I probably look… Continue reading Dancing as Stress Therapy

So Many Dresses, So Little Time

In the purging days of the global pandemic, now in its 9th month, I have cleaned out drawers, cupboards, closets, rooms, garages, you name it. I thought I was almost done. With the changing of the seasons, I realized it was time to pack away the cotton dresses on the overloaded rack in the back… Continue reading So Many Dresses, So Little Time

Butterflies in the Park

It’s the day before Halloween.  I was able to walk my dog for the first time in two weeks since the stitches in my lower leg (melanoma) were removed yesterday. Pepper was happy to get out of the house but went back inside with the lure of a beefy treat. That meant Daisy, who had… Continue reading Butterflies in the Park