My Three-quarter Bike Ride

(re-run) I was the one that suggested the bike ride with two of my adult children. They don’t spend much time outdoors or get enough exercise. They like to ride the Iron Horse trail. It is an easy, shady railroad right of way that connects towns up and down the I- 680 corridor in the… Continue reading My Three-quarter Bike Ride

The Dog Whisperer

(re-run) My son moved in with me. He’s managed to get the super anxious, high-strung Jack Russell terrier to roll over onto her back when she sees him coming. She allows belly rubs to happen. This is huge. I’ve been massaging Daisy Dog ever since pandemic life went online with Zoom. She knows to sit… Continue reading The Dog Whisperer

So Forgetful

It has happened. I’ve reached the age where I can’t remember anything. Last night I left chorus at 9:15 and hurried home with my green chorus bag. I sat in my chair and watched the news, thinking about going to bed, when I received a text. A friend in the all-women’s small group that had… Continue reading So Forgetful

The World Is Insane

(re-run) The world is spinning out of control. It’s the third March (in years) of the worldwide pandemic (redundant, I know). I sing with 94 other people in a community chorus. Only twelve of us are wearing masks these days since the mask order has been lifted. Yet, three of my family members (different household)… Continue reading The World Is Insane

My Three-quarter Bike Ride

(re-run) I suggested the bike ride.  My adult children don’t spend enough time outdoors or get enough exercise, but they do like to ride the Iron Horse trail, an easy, shady railroad right of way that connects towns up and down the I- 680 corridor. I knew I had them when I suggested lunch at… Continue reading My Three-quarter Bike Ride

A Night with the Girls

(re-run) If you haven’t seen Thelma and Louise in a while, it’s time to do it.  My friend rented an entire movie theater for a screening with a bunch of women last week. I usually head to my beach town every other Thursday, but the movie party was on a Thursday night, so I had… Continue reading A Night with the Girls

When It’s Foggy, Go Thrifting

(re-run) I’m in Monterey County, which is known for its June Gloom. I woke up to fog and had no desire to pull weeds in the dampness. Since there was no Zoom Zumba this morning, I seized the day, deciding before breakfast to go thrifting in Carmel. I hadn’t been there for a few months.… Continue reading When It’s Foggy, Go Thrifting

Musical Cleaning Day (waiting for plumber)

(re-run) The plumber said he’d be here by mid-morning, but it wasn’t looking good.  I worked on a review for a new children’s book coming out next month. I watched some Dry Bar Comedy while I digested my breakfast.  That is no longer a multi-tasking feature of my aging body. Reflux. It’s best to let… Continue reading Musical Cleaning Day (waiting for plumber)

A Good First Date

(re-run) Harold was friends with Jack who worked with Mary. Jack thought Harold and Mary should meet. “Come to the company luncheon with me,” Jack said.  “And it you don’t like Mary, you can meet Alice.” Harold went online and checked out the two women’s Facebook pages. He liked Mary’s page more than Alice’s page.… Continue reading A Good First Date

Rainy Sunday Morning Surprise

(re-run) I’m too cheap to pay $3.00 for a newspaper carrier to deliver the San Francisco Sunday Chronicle. Yes, I am a dinosaur. I still read physical newspapers, eight per week. When I discovered that I was being charged $6.00 for a $3.00 paper, I stopped my Sunday subscription and started picking it up myself.… Continue reading Rainy Sunday Morning Surprise