Lockdown Monday

  I got up and fed the dogs, shared my morning apple with them, and then ate my breakfast while checking Facebook. I took a quick shower and then had the whole day ahead of me to fill. Let’s see, yesterday I vacuumed up all the dead bugs and cobwebs in the garage. You know… Continue reading Lockdown Monday

Thank God for Girl Scout Cookies

This is my 21st day in quarantine. I started early when my sister’s infectious disease doctor told me not to risk it. I sold my ticket to a Motown review and went to the beach house. When the nursing homes shut down all visitors, I saw my sis for another week. She lives in a… Continue reading Thank God for Girl Scout Cookies

You Know It is Shelter in Place when . . .

You have four library books on hold at your local branch, but all libraries are closed. The gray stripe at your scalp is showing. You discover toilet paper in the back of your closet and get really excited. You start counting your avocados. You take time to comment on ALL of the Facebook posts you… Continue reading You Know It is Shelter in Place when . . .

Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head

A month ago, California hadn’t had a drop of rain in twenty-nine days.  It was the driest February since 1864.  Now it is “Miracle March,” and it seems to be raining every day. I’m not complaining. We need snow to build up in the Sierras to provide lots of snow pack melt-off in the early… Continue reading Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head