The Crappy or Happy Post

(re-run) Life is a balance. Not everything can go your way all the time. Sometimes it seems as though everything is going against you.  The last seven days have been full of ups and downs. As long as there is one happy for every one or two crappies, I can muddle through. It’s nice to… Continue reading The Crappy or Happy Post

Maybe, Maybe Not

(re-run) Sabrina had a master’s degree and a professional job.  She went online to meet a guy with an equal education. She tried a site called Elite Singles.  She found Curtis, and they talked on the phone a few times. They decided to get together for a meet and greet. Curtis had been a teacher.… Continue reading Maybe, Maybe Not

Do You Want a Cookie, Little Girl?

(re-run) Pam ran a personal ad in the Contra Costa Times: Single white female looking for single Asian man. Her two previous boyfriends had been Asian. James called and left a message with his phone number on a Friday night. The next morning Pam checked her phone messages. She liked his voice as she listened… Continue reading Do You Want a Cookie, Little Girl?

Always Happens on her Couch

A widow who is my same age told about some of her bad dates, mostly with guys she’d met online.  First there was Dirk.  After the initial date of cocktails, Dirk offered to come over to Vanessa’s place and barbecue for her. She was a grandma and had a new grandbaby to look after once… Continue reading Always Happens on her Couch

Staying Fit without a Fitbit

(re-run) Today the ladies were discussing, before and after Zumba class on Zoom, how many steps we take during one class and how many calories we burn. This went on for a while, and I signed off. I don’t need a gadget to tell me if I am getting enough exercise. I have dogs. They… Continue reading Staying Fit without a Fitbit

Rocky Mountain Low

(re-run) He was the good-looking cousin of my college best friend — tall, tan, and bearded. Throw in a killer smile, and he added up to gorgeous.  For me, it was love at first sight. Marcus had moved from Minnesota to Colorado to be near his sister. He asked if I wanted to come out… Continue reading Rocky Mountain Low

Mountain Lion

(re-run) A mountain lion attack was reported on the news last night. A 24-year-old woman’s dog saved her life in Trinity Forest in Northern California. The mountain lion attacked the woman first, but her Belgian Malinois shepherd named Eva jumped in and is now in serious condition. Cub season is now until October. The lion… Continue reading Mountain Lion

Interfacing with Nature

(re-run) I live in a town that backs up to a gorgeous mountain in the middle of an otherwise-flat part of the San Francisco Bay Area. Bicyclists come from all over to climb Mt. Diablo and then get their joy ride on the way down the winding road. The hiking here is phenomenal, and the… Continue reading Interfacing with Nature

Buffalo Bill Meets Annie Oakley

(re-run) Aaron met Katie on Plenty of Fish. She didn’t message him back for months. For their first date, he took her duck hunting. She brought her own gun. He brought a boat and the friend who owned it. The trio didn’t’ talk much because they had to be quiet to get a duck. It… Continue reading Buffalo Bill Meets Annie Oakley

It’s the Little Things

A morning sunrise, skies streaked pink and blue.  A warm dog cuddled under the afghan throw as I read a book. A hot cup of fake mocha coffee and a Madeleine cookie.  A bunch of texts from an adult child 3000 miles away.  A photo of my smiling grandson in his high chair. The lure… Continue reading It’s the Little Things