Today I Played the Old Lady Card

When your rescue dog needs her teeth cleaned because no one has brushed them for six years, you can bet it will be expensive. As in $650.00. Ouch! I’d put it off long enough. She’d even broken off an incisor at the gum line and didn’t want to eat. I knew it was time to… Continue reading Today I Played the Old Lady Card

Saying Good-bye to Man’s Best Friend

The family Dachshund just turned eighteen on June 9th. He is a skeleton with fur (photo is from years ago).  My son brought him out to my car to to show me the other day, since Wiener now lives with my ex. I have been the one to do the hard job of taking the… Continue reading Saying Good-bye to Man’s Best Friend

Daisy Rescue Dog Month #8

Daisy and I have gained our summer weight – me from wine and ice cream, Daisy from a fuller dish of food twice a day. She looks good. My house is a veritable playground for the two dogs. It looks like toddlers live with me. They have stuffed monkeys, squeak toys, and deflated balls everywhere.… Continue reading Daisy Rescue Dog Month #8