Daisy’s Nervous Car Ride

Every two weeks I load up my dogs and head to Monterey County to check on and use my little beach house.  But a month had gone by since the last time, due to 9 rainstorms that wreaked havoc on Northern California. Last week, it left one of my highways underwater. I finally found a… Continue reading Daisy’s Nervous Car Ride

Queen Victoria, the Cat

(re-run) Renee already had three cats. She wasn’t looking for another. So when her daughter-in-law called and said, “Mom, you need to adopt this cat,” Renee was thinking, No way, Renee. But then she heard the kitty’s story, and she had to reconsider. Renee’s son Brian and his wife were moving to Tennessee from California… Continue reading Queen Victoria, the Cat

Daisy Strikes Again

(Today is Daisy’s adopt-i-versary) After a five mile hike, my legs ached, and I wanted to go to bed. I turned off the news at 10:15, brushed my teeth, washed my face, and then headed down the hall to the main bathroom with the doggy door. Both dogs were outside barking. I turned around and… Continue reading Daisy Strikes Again

Daisy’s DNA

(re-run) My three-time rescue dog looks like a Jack Russell terrier. The vet calls her a Jack Russell. She looks like a skinny Eddie from Frasier.  But that’s where the comparison ends. Daisy is freakishly smart. She can open doors and escape yards by jumping over the gate or digging under it. She can hurl… Continue reading Daisy’s DNA

Daisy Gets a Rap Sheet

(re-run) Jack Russell Terriers get a bad rap for being hyper, alpha, and prey driven. Sometimes the reputation is earned. The last two weeks have been anything but easy. Two friends and a neighbor died. I hosted a party, lost a crown, had a $1300 dentist bill, took one dog to the vet for chewing… Continue reading Daisy Gets a Rap Sheet

Porch Pirates, Poinsettias and Peaches

(re-run) The joke going around on social media is that if you want to get rid of your junk, put it in an Amazon box and leave it on your porch. It’s not that funny around my neighborhood. Porch pirates are everywhere this time of year. Neighbors are sure to tell each other when they… Continue reading Porch Pirates, Poinsettias and Peaches

The Dog Whisperer

(re-run) My son moved in with me. He’s managed to get the super anxious, high-strung Jack Russell terrier to roll over onto her back when she sees him coming. She allows belly rubs to happen. This is huge. I’ve been massaging Daisy Dog ever since pandemic life went online with Zoom. She knows to sit… Continue reading The Dog Whisperer

Stray Dog, Happy Ending

Julie’s beautiful golden retriever lab mix, Sadie, lived to be thirteen years old.  But when she passed, Julie’s other dog, Finn, started getting mopey. It wasn’t like the Jack Russell mix to act that way, so when Julie saw a big scraggly dog on the Placer County Animal Shelter website, she knew she had to… Continue reading Stray Dog, Happy Ending

The Bonus Daisy Post

(re-run from 2018) Normally I write about my rescue dog on a monthly basis, on her adoption anniversary date, the 26th of December. Consider this a bonus post, since she has been making news these past two days. Every morning I get into the hot tub with my cup of black tea, and Daisy perches… Continue reading The Bonus Daisy Post