You Know It’s Fall when . . .

(re-run) The summer concerts have ended, except for one. The sleeveless cotton dresses are packed away, along with pairs of shorts and sandals. It’s jeans and long sleeves now, with the occasional hot afternoon where I strip down to my undershirt. Fall has arrived, not so much with leaves changing colors. We don’t have cold… Continue reading You Know It’s Fall when . . .

Laugh More, Worry Less

The state is on fire, again. It seems that three of the last four years have been off the charts for wild fires. 2017 – Napa and Santa Rosa burned. Santa Barbara County, too. 2018 – Paradise, the town, was wiped off the map. 2019 – Because of heavier winter rainfall, the fires weren’t so… Continue reading Laugh More, Worry Less

Doing the Swedish Death Purge

A friend of mine is Swedish, and she told me about Döstädning. I have no idea how to say it, but it means death purge for those turning sixty. The idea is simple – clean out your house before you die so that your kids don’t have to do it. But saying it and doing… Continue reading Doing the Swedish Death Purge

Scavenger’s Delight

(re-run) My neighbors give away good stuff. Last year, a neighbor moving to Oregon kept piling stuff on his driveway for us to take until he got the house emptied. His wife and kids had gone on to Oregon ahead of him. I made a haul of a plastic wagon, flower pots, a rolling garden… Continue reading Scavenger’s Delight

Magic Fingers During Covid-19

If you think is going to be about sex, I hate to disappoint you, but no. I had my first massage in two months today.  I wore a mask, he wore a mask, it was hard to breathe while putting my head in that little oval hole while wearing an N-95. It is left over… Continue reading Magic Fingers During Covid-19

Ten-year-old Girl Meets Fire

It was a Saturday night, and the woman who works for me was extra tired from her long honey-do list. We had just put on Footloose when she said, “I’m going to bed.” “Good night,” I said, looking at her ten year old daughter who was wearing my boots from forty years ago and who… Continue reading Ten-year-old Girl Meets Fire