Pontoon Boat Disaster

(re-run) My parents didn’t swim. When we went on vacation at Clear Lake, and Dad wanted to take us out in a rented pontoon boat, my mom objected.  Dad won in the end, and the five kids put on our life jackets. I think my mom did, too. I am sure my dad didn’t wear… Continue reading Pontoon Boat Disaster

The Sequin That Bugged Me

It was on my shoulder, and it was bugging me, one shiny sequin that I’d failed to see when I’d cut them off my second-hand sweater. It was a blue and green floral, found in a thrift store, hardly worn, but the sequins dated it. to the 80s. So I’d cut them off, except for… Continue reading The Sequin That Bugged Me

My Perfect High School OCD Job

After babysitting for every rug rat in my neighborhood and getting short-changed by a few of their parents (the going rate was 50 cents an hour), I moved into real jobs with time cards and pay stubs. The first one was as a window clerk at Mc Donald’s. I was fast. I could take and… Continue reading My Perfect High School OCD Job

The Moon Landing and a Funeral

The day we landed on the moon (July 20th, 1969), my parents took the family to a picnic/fishing spot at the Des Moines reservoir. I was going into high school in the fall, so it was a dorky thing to do on a Sunday, but hey? I couldn’t drive yet, and the food was always… Continue reading The Moon Landing and a Funeral

Have OCD? Make Lists

It’s Monday morning, and I’m a bundle of nerves, not a good way to start the week. My day is booked with Zumba, a worker woman coming, and Sis to visit in the hospital. I haven’t read my Time Magazine from last week. There’s a livestream concert at 1:00 (normally on a Saturday). Writing helps… Continue reading Have OCD? Make Lists

Living with OCD

I always knew I was different in the way I perceived the world.  Instead of needing to do classic hand washing or constantly worrying about germs, I had other weird rituals, like never leaving the house without a Kleenex and needing to have a regular routine. I married a last-minute, no plan, fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants kind of… Continue reading Living with OCD

How OCD Improved my GPA

I’ve been doing research for a kid book involving the presidents. It got me to thinking how back in high school I needed to do a project for my government class about the presidential election. It was fall semester of 1972. It was between George McGovern and Nixon.  My class project was to make a… Continue reading How OCD Improved my GPA

Bomb Shelter Blues

Our house on 69th Street in Urbandale, Iowa, had a big bump in the backyard. It’s where my grandfather built a fall-out shelter that connected to our basement. It was during the Cold War, and thoughts of atomic bombs being dropped on us was enough to motivate him to save his daughter and five of… Continue reading Bomb Shelter Blues

If Only I’d Known

As they say, hindsight is 2020, which is referring to your vision, not what year it is. As in, your vision about what happened in the past is pretty good, now that you’ve had time to look at all the angles and analyze it. Looking back over my OCD life, I now understand that it… Continue reading If Only I’d Known