More Crazy Real Estate Stuff

My little beach house sits on what was once a run-down looking street with oversized lots (for the town).  I bought it with my ex when we were married. He didn’t love it, but I did. It was one level, no steps from the driveway to the back door, a big fenced front yard and… Continue reading More Crazy Real Estate Stuff


She hated Friday the 13th. She would turn the car around if a black cat crossed the street in front of her. And mirrors?  She once yelled at me when I held my baby up to one in a German restaurant. “That’s bad luck before her first birthday!” My mother-in-law, may she rest in peace,… Continue reading Superstitions

Who Has the Bigger Butt

The family dog passed away last month at the age of eighteen and three quarters years’ old.  My youngest asked for pictures of him, so I went through a dozen albums last night sorting photos. It was time for a clean-out of: Babies if I don’t know who they are. Sports coaches I don’t remember.… Continue reading Who Has the Bigger Butt

Not One Iota of Truth!

Being from the Midwest means I grew up with Iowa talk and Midwestern lingo. Some of it applies across the country, but none of it seems to have made it to California. Like the pioneers who had to discard their prized possessions alongside the trail as their tired oxen could no longer take the weight,… Continue reading Not One Iota of Truth!