Prince Not So Charming

He was dressed as Prince Charming. I was dressed as a 1930’s nurse from Samuel Merritt Nursing School in Oakland, admittedly a weird Halloween costume, but the woman at the estate sale had practically given it to me after I bought $200 worth of antiques for my vintage shop. My friend, Nancy, her niece, and…… Continue reading Prince Not So Charming

What Happened to Daisy?

Eighteen days ago, I got a rescue dog. I’d wanted to get another dog ever since I gave away Pepper’s buddy last summer to make room for my sister. No, the dog I gave away did not go to the pound. He is sixteen, incontinent, and blind. I gave him to my ex, where he…… Continue reading What Happened to Daisy?

Costco After Arlie

My local Costco is always packed. People are competitive in my town, so look out if you think you’re going to park there on the day before Christmas, or New Year’s, or the day the new monthly ad comes out. The parking lot is tense with drivers competing for spots. Arlie, the Costco guy, died…… Continue reading Costco After Arlie

Airport Surprise

She wanted to surprise him. They had both left Hawaii at different times to go home for Christmas and would meet up that night when he picked her up from the airport. He liked lingerie. She had bought a new thong for the holidays, red on one side, green on the other, with two tiny…… Continue reading Airport Surprise

Hold the Crunch

Jim earned his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He took a job with Proctor and Gamble in Cincinnati, which had just started buying up food brands, like cake mixes and peanut butter. Jim’s job was to put the crunch in the new peanut butter, Jif. One machine chopped the peanuts into slivers,…… Continue reading Hold the Crunch

Almost Toast

Marlene and her friend Beth came out to California from New Hampshire after college to work for Bank of America. They were roommates, and each made a new friend at work. Each new friend brought another friend to the party (plus one more) until they were a group of seven recent college graduates, living in…… Continue reading Almost Toast

Baby It’s Cold Outside

My large chorus has performed Baby, It’s Cold Outside twice in the past week. A classic holiday tune, it has been called rapey by Millennials online. As in, the guy wants to date-rape his gal with the swell-looking hair. Baby It’s Cold Outside was written in the 1940’s as a romantic song of seduction. But…… Continue reading Baby It’s Cold Outside