The Crappy Crap Happy Post

Life is a balance. Not everything can go your way all the time. Sometimes it seems as though everything is going against you.  The last seven days have been full of ups and downs. As long as there is one happy for every one or two crappies, I can muddle through. It’s nice to be… Continue reading The Crappy Crap Happy Post

Skin Check

“Good job!” the physician’s assistant said when I complained about my uneven fake tan. “It’s been a lifestyle change for me, staying out of the sun,” I said. “I’m proud of you,” Miss Tan said. She looked at the four spots I was worried about, froze off the two on my back, biopsied one on… Continue reading Skin Check

Dancing as Stress Therapy

Someone in an introvert group on Facebook said he didn’t dance because it looks so dumb. Yes, it can look dumb, especially if you’re not doing it, just watching. I’m an old school dancer – shake what the good Lord gave you.  I’ve been rocking out to music for half a century. I probably look… Continue reading Dancing as Stress Therapy