The Robin and the Chrome Bowl

(re-run) Every morning, as I sit at my kitchen table putting up my blog post and sipping on strong tea, a robin comes near the back porch to meet its reflection in an upside-down chrome dog bowl. The robin does a little dance in front of the bowl. The reflection does a dance back to… Continue reading The Robin and the Chrome Bowl

A Cruel Joke of a Disease

It has been a tough week.  When you sister has early-onset Alzheimer’s and you witness firsthand how it is robbing her of the stuff we all take for granted, it’s hard. How to hold a fork. How to get it to your mouth. How to remember to swallow when drinking. Sis is mostly nonverbal these… Continue reading A Cruel Joke of a Disease

Skin Check

“Good job!” the physician’s assistant said when I complained about my uneven fake tan. “It’s been a lifestyle change for me, staying out of the sun,” I said. “I’m proud of you,” Miss Tan said. She looked at the four spots I was worried about, froze off the two on my back, biopsied one on… Continue reading Skin Check

Saying Good-bye

My neighbor died on Black Friday. She had lived in the house next door to mine for more than 35 years. Her husband died before I moved in. She showed me the inside of her house once.  It was stuck in the 70’s with shag carpet, gold and rust drapes and wallpaper. Her living room… Continue reading Saying Good-bye

The Future of us Baby Boomers

One day a few years back, my next-door neighbor came over and asked me to take her to Safeway. She was the same age as my mom, which put her in her mid-eighties, so I agreed. I dropped off the neighbor at Safeway and then ran to the post office to mail my package. When… Continue reading The Future of us Baby Boomers