Cancel Culture or Smart Companies?

Mattel started it off with their non-gender doll as an alternative to its Barbie doll. It’s because families were demanding it.  Long gone are the days of girls dressed in pink playing with big-breasted Barbie dolls. Then Hasbro pulled the mister from Mr. Potato Head. Now it’s just called Potato Head with parts both feminine… Continue reading Cancel Culture or Smart Companies?

Jack London — Was He a Racist?

Who doesn’t love the story The Call of the Wild? I used to teach it and also Jack London’s doomsday story called To Build a Fire when I taught 7th grade in Council Bluffs, Iowa. White Fang is another Jack London story that my 8th grade remedial boys liked to check out from my personal… Continue reading Jack London — Was He a Racist?

The Why of Tearing Down the Statues

I have half an hour before my Zoom exercise class begins. I was vacuuming when I came up with some thoughts to jot down before I lose them. On a 4th of July Zoom call the other day, the conversation turned to the protests in the streets and the tearing down of statues across the… Continue reading The Why of Tearing Down the Statues

The Holidays in October and Angry Stalker Dude

I heard Christmas music today at Costco while I watched people putting pumpkins into their shopping carts.  Ah, it must be fall. In California, the leaves don’t change into beautiful reds and oranges until November. It doesn’t get cold enough until then. We have Halloween first, then fall color, sometimes coinciding with Thanksgiving, but Turkey… Continue reading The Holidays in October and Angry Stalker Dude