Jack London — Was He a Racist?

Who doesn’t love the story The Call of the Wild? I used to teach it and also Jack London’s doomsday story called To Build a Fire when I taught 7th grade in Council Bluffs, Iowa. White Fang is another Jack London story that my 8th grade remedial boys liked to check out from my personal… Continue reading Jack London — Was He a Racist?

The Why of Tearing Down the Statues

I have half an hour before my Zoom exercise class begins. I was vacuuming when I came up with some thoughts to jot down before I lose them. On a 4th of July Zoom call the other day, the conversation turned to the protests in the streets and the tearing down of statues across the… Continue reading The Why of Tearing Down the Statues

Rosie the Riveter Museum Lady

If you were 98 years old and still serving as a National park ranger in Richmond, CA, then you would be Betty Reid Soskin.  She was born in 1921 and didn’t become a park ranger until she was 85 years old. Why does she do it?  Her museum is the Rosie the Riveter /World War… Continue reading Rosie the Riveter Museum Lady

The Navajo in the Room

My mother’s brother was a college professor at Shiprock College (now renamed Diné College) in New Mexico.  He met and married my aunt Grace, a Navajo woman.  This was exciting news in my all-white Iowa family. Uncle Jim was coming to town with his new bride. Uncle Jim was tall and slim, and had a… Continue reading The Navajo in the Room

The Country on Fire

The country is on fire. Protestors have been gathering for three days now, just one week after George Floyd died while a police officer kept his knee on his neck until he was asphyxiated. George had used a counterfeit twenty dollar bill at a store. A 17-year-old girl filmed the agonizing ten minutes it took… Continue reading The Country on Fire