Blame it on the Boomers?

I saw a post on Facebook that Boomers ruined the country. I responded back that the government ruined the country. I got a response that the government was all Boomers, right? Excuse me?  Baby Boomers were born after the end of World War II when the soldiers/fighters/wounded came home and produced a plethora of babies.… Continue reading Blame it on the Boomers?

West Side Story, Then and Now

After seeing the new movie, West Side Story, I needed to watch the 1961 version. Steven Spielberg made a bunch of changes in the new movie, and I wanted to see what they were.  The biggest change was making Doc, originally a man, into a female character so that Rita Moreno could play the part.… Continue reading West Side Story, Then and Now

The Country on Fire

The country is on fire. Protestors have been gathering for three days now, just one week after George Floyd died while a police officer kept his knee on his neck until he was asphyxiated. George had used a counterfeit twenty dollar bill at a store. A 17-year-old girl filmed the agonizing ten minutes it took… Continue reading The Country on Fire

Show Me the Numbers!

At a recent wedding rehearsal dinner, I sat across from a well-off, pension-receiving white guy who started a conversation about immigration. Sorry for him that he did not know he was sitting across from a Spanish teacher/book author who has studied and followed Hispanic cultures for most of my life. And I’m old. To sum… Continue reading Show Me the Numbers!