Blame it on the Boomers?

I saw a post on Facebook that Boomers ruined the country. I responded back that the government ruined the country. I got a response that the government was all Boomers, right?

Excuse me?  Baby Boomers were born after the end of World War II when the soldiers/fighters/wounded came home and produced a plethora of babies. Baby Boomers are defined as those born in the U.S. between 1946 and 1964.

Just for giggles, I Googled the U. S. Senators and their ages. Low and behold, eleven current U. S. Senators were born before 1946. That’s a little over 1/10th of the Senate (100 members, two from each state). The reason I am discussing the Senate and not the House is because senators only have to run for re-election every six years whereas members of the U.S. House of Representatives have to run every two years. That group skews younger in age because of it. U.S. Senators wield more power than members of the House of Representatives.

Some of the key players in policy making are older than Baby Boomers – Mitch McConnell is the most obvious of the pack. Seven oldsters are Republicans, with Mitch being the main reason nothing ever gets passed in the Senate because he won’t allow a vote, except for that tax cut for the rich in 2017 and Trump’s three Supreme Court nominations.

Chuck Grassley, a Republican from Iowa is super old, as is Bernie Sanders, a Democrat from Vermont, another vey small state. 

Diane Feinstein is a Democrat from California. She’s been in politics from way back, when Harvey Milk and George Moscone were shot and killed in San Francisco in 1978. Harvey was the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in California. George Moscone was the city’s mayor. Dianne Feinstein succeeded Moscone as mayor, and you know the rest. She is now 88 years old.

Other oldsters in the Senate born before 1946 include Richard Shelby, Jim Inhofe, Patrick Leahy, Jim Risch, Ben Cardin, Angus King, and Dick Durbin.

It’s easy to blame another generation for your woes. But blaming Boomers for all that is wrong in the U. S.  government isn’t fair. Many of the policies today were formed back in the 80s during the Reagan Administration. Have you heard of Trickle Down Economics? That’s giving the rich a break, hoping it would trickle down to the lower classes. Except it didn’t. Rich people got richer and poor people got poorer.

Union busting?  Unions did collective bargaining to get workers better conditions and better wages. There aren’t too many unions left in the U.S. beside the teachers’ unions and the nurses’ unions.

Ronald Reagan would be 111 if he were still alive. 

The sweet spot in America was right after World War II, when the middle class grew big and strong. Medicare and Social Security were available for seniors, and it was enough to live on.  Homelessness was a much smaller problem. There were programs and places for the mentally ill people. Prisons weren’t filled with people of color, and there were fewer prisons.

Mass shootings were unheard of.  Any adult could call out a kid for misbehaving, and it was acceptable. No litigation occurred between parents for reprimanding another’s child.  Principals used to swat kids on their butts with a wooden paddle. If the teacher called, the kid was in trouble, not the teacher.

I’m not saying everything was perfect back then. But that’s the way it was, and America seemed to be a better place for middle and low-income people.

So don’t blame it all on the Boomers. And don’t complain if you’re not going to vote on November 8th. Yup, put it on your calendar.

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