Dieting, Body Image, and Stay Out of my Business

“Are you going to eat all that?” I was sitting at a table in the teachers’ lounge, my lunch spread out before me. There was a sandwich, a red apple, carrot sticks and a glass of juice, maybe a chocolate or two. Why was the teacher I barely knew commenting on my lunch? How was… Continue reading Dieting, Body Image, and Stay Out of my Business

Fix Your Past Mistakes, or Get a Million Dollars?

A recent Facebook post asks if you’d rather go back in time and fix all of your mistakes or don’t do that and get $1,000,000 instead. That’s easy. People will take the money. What if the choice were, go back in time and fix all your mistakes or don’t (no money)?  I’d say no to… Continue reading Fix Your Past Mistakes, or Get a Million Dollars?

Whatever is Meant to Be

(re-run) I’ve been on the hunt for bookcases for a while now. I have ten tubs of antique books sitting in a damp garage near the beach, and it would be good to get them into the house. I sold all my beautiful bookcases when I was getting divorced. I knew the new smaller house… Continue reading Whatever is Meant to Be

Mornings Are for Blogging

(re-run) When you’re mostly retired, like I am, you find that you think best in the morning. I’ve written and published 29 children’s books, and each one was born in the a.m. (not after midnight). At night I am pretty worthless. I can usually read until 7:00 or 8:00 p.m. Then it’s Snoozeville after that,… Continue reading Mornings Are for Blogging

The Neighbors, the Pit Bull, and the Daily Pooper

(re-run) We bought a house on a street that was a long court with two courts coming off of it. We were up at the top, and it was a great and safe place for my kids to walk our greyhound mix dog. Until it wasn’t. “That was a short walk,” I said when they… Continue reading The Neighbors, the Pit Bull, and the Daily Pooper

Why I Love Saturday Mornings

(re-run) When I was a kid, cartoons made Saturday mornings great. We sat around in our pajamas and ate our cereal in front of the TV. There was never time any other day of the week. Now that I’m grown and also retired, I still love Saturday mornings.  I don’t have to Zumba, I don’t… Continue reading Why I Love Saturday Mornings

Home Alone in the Shower

If you’ve never seen Alfred Hitchcock’s horror movie, Psycho, Janet Leigh gets killed while taking a shower.  It’s a creep fest, and she won awards for her convincing screams. Flash back to the 70’s, when I was a teen and home alone, taking a shower in the new basement bathroom. It was a crude affair… Continue reading Home Alone in the Shower

Participation Trophy

(re-run) My millennial children like to make fun of themselves for all the participation trophies they earned in childhood for soccer, basketball, softball, baseball.  Two of them recently ditched the trophies. One of them kept hers. “Why did you guys give us trophies for everything?” Child # 3 asked. “The pendulum swung the other way… Continue reading Participation Trophy

The Betty White Post

So, this is awkward. I was in line at CVS today when I saw the People Magazine cover, dated January 10th. As we all know, magazines come out long before their pub dates. The cover shows a smiling Betty White with the caption, Betty White turns 100. Only she didn’t. It’s too late to take… Continue reading The Betty White Post