Sally’s Downward Dog Disaster

The first Women’s March was the next day. Sally went to her friend, Lisa’s, to make a poster for the march. Several women showed up, ready to drink some wine and to think of clever sayings for their signs.

Sally already had her slogan:  No Uterus – No Opinion.

Lisa’s cute little rescue dog, Yogi, upset Sally’s plans. The King Charles Cavalier got underfoot, and Sally didn’t see the low dense dog, which had been underfoot all night.

Sally’s friend, Victoria, mentioned that she’s known men like that – low, dense, and underfoot.

Sally was carrying supplies from the printer to the kitchen. Her leg hit the dog, and she went sideways and crashed into a bookshelf. Then she fell backward and put out her left hand to break the fall. Instead she broke her left wrist.

Since Sally is a southpaw, she had a grumpy recovery period.  Dr. Distal put her wrist in a cast and told her she’d need to wear it for six weeks. But when she went back to get the cast off, the doctor said she’d need to wear a new cast for four more weeks.  Sally and her husband had already planned a late-winter vacation, which included swimming in the Pacific Ocean.  But with her cast, she couldn’t take the plunge.

It was hard for Sally to take a shower, get up off the floor, get jiggety (use your imagination) and do the downward dog in yoga class.

The good news is that she has a supportive husband who always lets her pick from the menu, in both the restaurant and the bedroom.

“Whatever you want, Dear, I’ll be happy.”

Sally needs to stop complaining and count her blessings. What’s ten weeks of an inconvenient cast when you have a darling husband waiting at home to grant your every wish?

Couldda Wouldda Didda

Sally didn’t let a trip to the ER the next morning stop her from marching. She got there late, but she found her group of friends and held up her sign with pride. He supportive husband dropped her off, navigating around the crowd of 10,000 marchers that had gathered on that rainy January Saturday in 2017 in Walnut Creek, CA.

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