Ruthie Ann’s Designing Man

Ruthie Ann worked as a graphic designer in Durango, Colorado. She met an architect named Edmond through her position on the design review board. He was twenty years older but distinguished looking with his gray hair and eyes. She liked the themed design work he’d done around the Durango train station.
Edmond asked Ruthie Ann out to dinner, and she said yes. She loved design, and she loved buildings. They decided to meet at a local chi-chi restaurant. She drove her Volvo wagon. He pulled up in his Mercedes coupe.
Edmond kept his part of the conversation going through dessert. Ruthie Ann felt good about the prospect of an LTR — long term relationship. Edmond was old school and picked up the entire tab. Ruthie Ann let him, since that was the way it was back then.
But Edmond had some payback in mind. His designs on Ruthie Ann included a sleepover that very evening. He took her hand in his.
“Come over to my place,” he said, touching her dark hair and tucking a loose strand behind her ear.
Ruthie Ann was so startled she burped her creme brulee.
“Excuse me,” she said, pulling her hand out of his. “I am going to have to take a raincheck.”
Edmond stood up, fumbled with their coats and led her out to the lobby.
“I bought you dinner!” he said. “I expected some reciprocity.”
“I need to go out with a guy nineteen times before I do that,” Ruthie Ann said, heading to the parking lot with her coat on her arm.
Edmond rolled his eyes. “Nineteen? Really?”
“It’s a prime number,” she said.
“Three is a prime number, too!” he bellowed as he followed her to her Volvo.
Ruthie Ann climbed into the driver’s seat and shut the door.
“So is the number one!” she mouthed through the glass as she pulled away.
Couldda Wouldda Shouldda
If Ruthie Ann would’ve given Edmond a chance, she would’ve eventually fallen in love with the guy and married him. They would’ve worked on a few design projects together before eventually growing apart and leading separate yet comfortable lives. Edmond would pass away, and Ruthie Ann, still in the prime of her life, would inherit a small fortune and buy a ranch in the Four Corners Area where she would rehabilitate abused horses.

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